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January 26, 2022

Dear President Putin:

We the undersigned respect the Russian nation, its long history, Orthodox religious faith and the long suffering of the Russian people during totalitarian rule under the government of the former Soviet Union.

But the world has changed and there is no place for Empires on the continent of Europe. The former satellite nations of the USSR desire independence that threatens no other country and despise the belligerence of totalitarian leaders that hijack commercial airplanes, imprison and inflict bodily harm on citizens who demand that the bad practices of the past cease and desist.

In honor of their desires, the United States will commence policies that are right and just and which none but aspiring Emperors find unacceptable. We protest the attacks that thwarted reforms in Georgia and the inattention by former President Obama to the invasion of Crimea. We will do much to assure that Europe is not dependent on Russian oil and if provoked we will transfer American forces stationed in Europe since the end of World War II in response to formal requests from former “Captive Nations.”

Though the loss of the former Soviet Russia may be seen to be a great personal tragedy, the Russian people have no desire to return to a past era of repression, hunger and pain.

Please be advised that for now you are relatively unconstrained by the weakness and incompetence of the current Administration of the United States. But as early as January 2023 the outlines of a new government will come into view and signal that closure of authoritarian rule in Russia is at hand.

As God is our witness we aspire to allow the pure light of freedom to penetrate every aspect of Russian life.

Richard Bishirjian _______________  _______________  __________  ____________

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