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A “Blogers” Lament

January 30, 2022

About five years ago, and years after I began to post “blogs” at, I resumed serious research and writing that I had begun earlier in my career as a college teacher. Scholars are expected to write books and publish essays in Journals for scholars. “We” don’t “blog or “Tweet.” I did both until I owned up to my calling as a political theorist. The result was three books published by En Route Books:

  1. A first novel, “Coda“—2020

     2.  Ennobling Encounters,–2021– a memoir of persons who shaped my thinking about politics,  society and culture.

     3. Rise and Fall of the American Empire –forthcoming in 2022–a reflection on the Constitution as it enters “Eldercare”

Yet a fourth book occupies me upon my discovery that 12th century philosophers are secondary in importance to the first Monarchs and Christian mystics who founded the first religious orders and monasteries of the early Church. They shaped Western culture of Christendom and their interaction gave concerns for justice in the face of dominant power of Monarchs. That concern for justice is a characteristic of the West. I’ve titled this Conscience and Power.

There are interesting “back stories” behind each.

Ennobling Encounters was inspired by Henry Regnery whose publisher’s booth I manned during the first CPACs organized by Human Events in 1961 and 1962. I remember that the first CPAC was held at the Mayflower Hotel where that evening JFK spoke to an audience of Democrats.

The idea that I would write Coda, a first novel and find a publisher is itself suitable for a work of fiction. But in the CODA art gallery in Palm Desert, I encountered a statue of a woman in a blue ball gown that evoked memories of a Viennese Ball that my colleagues organized to celebrate President Reagan’s first inauguration. That gave me the idea of a story about a U.S. Senator whose wife Is killed in an accident when he was driving under the influence. Convicted for DUI and involuntary manslaughter, and sentenced to treatment for alcohol addiction to be followed by a year in prison, the Senator purchases a statue of a woman wearing a blue gown. The statue comes to life in his room at Betty Ford in Palm Springs.

Rise and Fall was inspired by my interpretation of the events on January 6.

A collection of my best “Blogs” will be published in yet another book tentatively given the outrageous title, This is Dick Bishirjian.

None of this would have occurred except for an act of Divine Providence that led to my enrollment in the graduate program in Government at Notre Dame.  There I enrolled in courses taught by Fr. Stanley Parry, CSC, Gerhart Niemeyer and Eric Voegelin. All three are featured in Ennobling Encounters.

These books are published under the copyright of the American Academy of Distance Learning.

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