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America’s “Pre-Revolutionary” Condition

February 1, 2022

The United States is in a pre-revolutionary situation—not unlike that of Czarist Russia shortly before World War I—and may see a dissolution of legal limits placed by the Constitution on the Chief Executive.

Though Donald Trump is the main actor in the coming revolution, he is not the cause shaping this pre-revolutionary situation.

That was shaped by Woodrow Wilson’s democratic idealism that was the basis of American “Internationalist” policies sustained by American Presidents from Eisenhower to Biden and fueled by the collapse of traditional colleges when their place in educating Protestant clergy, aspiring Attorneys at Law and the children of wealthy professional elites was replaced by enrollment of large numbers of students as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” program.

In 2016, American voters had had enough and voted for a form of American nationalism couched in the phrase “Make America Great Again.” The advocate of that program was a deeply compromised son of a millionaire housing broker whose education ended at a military academy for sons of wealthy citizens from the borough of Queens, New York.

Harboring conservative views that hearkened back to 1964 and absorbed in personal political ambition, Donald Trump burst upon the American political scene by defining himself in opposition to the War Faction within the GOP led by Presidents Bush #41 and Bush #43 and Democrat Presidents William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Obama. Twenty-eight years of war passions and domestic discontent from 1989 to 2017 led to a desire for something better.

The “fix” of a “Stay at Home” America came too late, however.

Massive numbers of America’s college educated had been ill-educated since student protests against service in a land war in Asia. Removal of requirements in the History of Western civilization, Economics and foreign languages created a class of college educated Americans no longer educated in principles and history of the American Constitution, the culture and civilization of the West nor in fundamental principles of Christian morality.

America had become a barbarian nation and elected a barbarian President.

Next: January 6 and a break with our Constitutional order.

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