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America’s Pre-Revolutionary Condition Pt 2

February 4, 2022

On Saturday, July 29, former President Donald Trump gave the best speech ever given by an undeclared candidate for President of the United States. Speaking for more than 1 ½ hours in a “Stream of Consciousness” performance, former President Trump hit approximately 40 topics of concerns of his audience:

  1. America’s declining foreign relations
  2. Risk of a third World war
  3. The need to elect strong, tough, Republican candidates
  4. The need to place America first
  5. The need to lose our southern border from “invasion”
  6. The need to complete building “the wall” along our border
  7. Trump demonstrates that he can read by reading a poem
  8. The need to address the Increase in crime
  9. Increase the number of ICE officers
  10. When Trump was President there were no new wars
  11.   Demand that NATO pay its fair share
  12.   Europe’s trade with the PRC
  13. Incompetence of Democrats
  14. Criticism of two attempts to Impeach President Trump
  15. The wretched political class that is destroying the United States
  16. Biden family’s financial deals with China and Russia
  17. The “press” is no longer fair nor free and is “the enemy of the people”
  18. Biden’s failure to hold China accountable for the Corona virus
  19. Shut down of OneAmericaNews (OAN) by Direct TV
  20. Removal of harsh Covid mandates
  21. Support for Canadian truckers protesting vaccination regulations
  22. Rehire military who resigned rather than be vaccinated
  23. Sympathy for Police who were killed’
  24. Declaims car jacking, assaults and smash and grab robbery
  25. Contra inflation caused by Biden’s “socialist spending”
  26. Biden’s energy policies and cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline
  27. Disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan
  28. Biden’s weak support for Israel
  29. Muslim emigration
  30. The 2020 election was rigged
  31. Attacks on the Trump Organization is “prosecutorial misconduct”
  32. We must “save our country”
  33. With Biden Iran is improving it nuclear weapons development
  34. China is contemplating invasion of Taiwan
  35. Fraudulent mail-in ballots; removal of voter ID requirements
  36. Aliens permitted to vote
  37. Breakup “Big Tech”
  38. Defend the Second Amendment
  39. Pardon those arrested on January 6
  40. Ban transgender athletic competition from women’s sport

Trump’s exhaustive enumeration ignored that rioters on January 6 attempted to

thwart Constitutional procedures that permit the orderly transfer of power and left open the possibility of a second coup d’état.

Next: Does the Republican Party no longer accept Democracy?

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