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Impeach President Biden

February 23, 2022

Our foreign enemies have assessed the personal weakness of our cognitively impaired President and the incompetence of radical “Progressives” in the Biden Administration.

As we now see, Vladimir Putin sees an opportunity to recreate a Russian Empire by recovery of Ukraine and by destabilizing the strongest former “Captive Nation”—Poland.

Elected to serve as Chief Executive in 2020, we must endure two more years of Biden as President.

Or must we?

The “Framers” of the Constitution came from a generation of well-educated gentlemen who had studied the history of ancient Rome and Greece.

Some provision for punishing the chief executive was needed and “Impeachment” was the remedy settled upon. Like tyrannicide, Impeachment is to be taken only as a last resort, for a lot of reasons. After all, killing our presumptive kings could become a habit and thus deter all but the morally calloused from seeking the highest office.

Seeing the “main chance,” the U.S. House of Representatives introduced two resolutions to Impeach President Donald Trump. Trump was Impeached, but not convicted. May we not assume that in January 2023 when Republicans control the House and Senate that Republicans will Impeach and convict President Biden?.

The American people who are witness to Biden’s cognitive decline will accept Biden’s removal as necessary. But where are the Republican members of Congress?

Next, “Are we better off with President Harris?”

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