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Where Matters Stand with Putin’s Russia

February 27, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been described as psychotic, scary, and living within the past of autocratic Czarist Russia, totalitarian Communist USSR, and post-Soviet authoritarian Russia (Putin). Autocratic, totalitarian and authoritarian regimes stand very little chance of transforming into representative republics or democracies.

Given that history, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn believed that the best regime for Russia was a form of authoritarian “rule.”

“Government” by elected officials who “govern” isn’t in the cards.

Since, in Putin’s mind, Ukraine is a part of Russia, the notion that Ukraine is an independent democratic nation is absurd. Resistance by Ukraine to forced inclusion in the Russian State must be due to drug addicts or Nazis and must be crushed. Crushing Ukraine by force of arms is now underway, and lest foreign nations in Western Europe and America misunderstand, Putin reminds them that Russia is a nuclear power.

Putin’s claim that he has nuclear arms and will use them, if necessary, changes the international order that was shaped after the collapse of the Soviet Union.   

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