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Racism Again

February 28, 2022

Over many years, I’ve encountered a variety of forms of racism. The most alarming was a vicious anti-Semitism expressed in the New York City “rug market” by a Syrian merchant. A lesser type of anti-Semitic racism took form by referring to Jews as “Kikes.”

At a wedding I attended as the guest of a high school buddy who is now a Reform Rabbi, someone threw a hub cap into our dining area. The other guests who were Jewish took something like that for granted. But I was outraged since anti-Christian acts were not anything I had experienced. I probably should have remembered what my grandfather and grandmother experienced during the Armenian genocide.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, I heard hundreds of racial epithets aimed at African-Americans. That was Pittsburgh in the 1960s through 1980s.  At a Pitt/Notre Dame football game, I heard Pitt fans say “Look at that little monkey go” when Notre Dame’s Raghib “Rocket” Ismail ran for a touchdown. And baseball’s Jackie Robinson endured terrible harassing for breaking the color barrier in professional baseball.

Gender epithets were aimed at women who were called “Sluts,” and Poles were called Pollocks and Hunkies, Irish were called “Micks,” and Italians “Dagos” or “botchagaloop.”

One of my former consultants was an Egyptian Christian who endured anti-Christian attitudes by Muslim citizens of Egypt.

That type of racism is quite obvious, but there is a less obvious form that might be called “Reverse Racism.”

So much is made of President Trump’s alleged racism that one wonders if those throwing that label at Trump are not themselves “Racist.”  MSNBC and CNN are the worst examples of that, so concentrated is their “anti-racism.”  If I were an African-American, I’d begin to ask– “down deep, are they racists?”

I’ve noticed that some men who are super-Feminists actually hate women, as if they are overcompensating for deep animosity they feel toward their mothers or ex-wives.

What’s the bottom line?

People like being around people like themselves. That’s the origin of ethnic, religious and even political tribalism. So, be careful whom you call a Racist, that bell tolls for thee.

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