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Join Dick Bishirjian on the Film Set

March 19, 2022

Dick Bishirjian wrote the political novel “Coda,” published by En Route Books, and is now planning the production of a low budget film for “streaming media” that tells the story of U.S. Senator Bob Hill (R-PA). This is the second film production Dick has attempted. The first was a documentary film based on Russell Kirk’s Roots of American Order.

Producing a film requires a script, production cost estimates, a location survey, casting, financing and, finally, production.

I worked with a line producer with feature film experience, contacted P. J. O’Rourke to write a script, had the script budgeted at $40,000 a scene, and surveyed two “sound studios,” one in DC and another in Baltimore,

Bottom Line: the entire production can be produced for under $1.5 million.

Most of the film will be filmed in a sound studio with sets constructed to look like the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs where Senator Hill encounters a statue of a beautiful woman in a blue ball gown. One scene will be filmed in a replica of the U.S. Senate designed as a memorial to U.S. Senator Teddy Kennedy.

The story of that encounter is central to this film about the Senator’s treatment at Betty Ford in Palm Springs where at night the statue comes to life.

Before “biting the bullet” and starting a finance effort, I wrote to a director whose work I admire, Patty Jenkins, who produced Wonder Woman.

Casting the right female actor to play the woman in a blue ball gown is critical!  Of course, Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot is perfect for the role.

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