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Biden’s War

March 23, 2022

Going to war for Joe Biden over Ukraine?

What Putin has done to Ukraine is terrible and will get worse. But Russia’s territorial claim is legitimate in terms of “pre-1991” history.

Since then, citizens of Ukraine have discovered their “nationhood” independent of Russia. “They” will now have to fight for Ukrainian independence, just like we did in 1776. Western Europe’s first priority must be the protection of former “Captive Nations” (Poland, Hungary and Romania) and Western Europe.

All those American politicians wringing their hands today will wash them quickly when dead Americans return home in body bags delivered to Dover.

Here’s the good news: Putin and Xi Jinping are on a very short leash. Marxist ideology is no longer viable and the people of Russia, Ukraine and even China want to live in peace.

The two Communist twins—Putin and Xi Jinping—are living in a past that is delusional. Moreover, the failure of Russia to attain a quick victory in Ukraine has given Xi Jinping pause and saved Taiwan from invasion—for now.

The key to thwarting Putin’s Russia and Communist China are Germany and Japan. These two nations “lost big” in WW II and will support the United States and reject Joe Biden’s war, if we Americans think clearly and our politicians stop their hand-wringing for the cameras.

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