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Join Us in Rome!

March 27, 2022

American Academy of Distance Learning is planning a one-week visit to Rome in Summer 2023 for Americans interested in learning about ancient Rome and the dangers of “Empire.”

After each morning seminar, seminar participants will tour historic sites in Rome.

Seminar “tuition” is $5,000 per person (excluding cost of seminar hotel and meals). Cost for each college age student accompanying a parent is $2,000.

We will limit our first week’s “seminar” to fifteen participants.

Our themes: “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” and “First Europe.”

Our lecturers are E. Christian Kopff, Peter Wood and Richard Bishirjian. Each participant will sent a copy of Dr. Bishirjian’s Rise and Fall of the American Empire and his political novel titled “Coda” published by En Route Books.

For more information contact Dr. Bishirjian at or call and leave a message (757 639 0470).



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