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Commie Twins

April 1, 2022

The twins—Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping—are living in a past that is delusional.

Putin is on a very short leash. The entire world saw the failure of Russia to attain a quick victory in Ukraine and that gave pause to the PRC’s Xi Jinping’s dreams of reunification of the PRC with Taiwan.

Military officers and troops need to fight battles and wage wars in order to maintain their skills. Throwing the PRC military into battle now in a takeover of Taiwan will involve the United States and Japan. These two superpowers will make that attempt very costly.

Everyone likes a parade and Xi Jinping may be expected to continue to enjoy his parades of weapons and troops but he wonders how they will actually perform in battle and he fears the Generals who lead them.

Is one a Julius Caesar?

Marxist ideology is no longer viable and Putin’s control of Russia has been damaged by his incompetent invasion of Ukraine. Now he must add another worry: That he will be deposed before long.

Xi wonders if Putin’s fall will begin the countdown toward his own end.

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