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Let them eat cake!

April 1, 2022

Students who enrolled at American University (AU) and George Washington University (GW) expecting to enjoy classroom instruction not Internet delivered courses. But the Covid Pandemic required a change in how instruction was delivered.

Neither University lowered tuition nor honored requests for refunds. That was deemed a violation of contractual obligations to students by an Appeals Court in DC on March 8.

I was not surprised by this ruling nor by both universities’ assumption that they did no wrong. The American higher education Establishment is a “Taker” not a “Giver” and operates on the Marie Antoinette formula: “Let them eat cake.”

These imperious ways are documented in my 2017 history of the for-profit Internet university I founded in 2000 that was attacked from the beginning by the Virginia education Establishment and then again by the Obama Administration in 2009. Our Marxist-trained President hated “for-profit” education.

By the time of Obama’s attacks, we had learned how to design Internet-delivered courses utilizing “Best Practices” of distance learning—something that AU and GW could not have learned quickly.

Instead of “sticking it” to their students, both Institutions should have dropped tuition to no more than $500 a course and asked students to stay home until they figured out how to teach at a distance.

“What?” AU and GW said to their students. “You owe us.” To which an Appeals Court said: “You’re wrong!”

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