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Laura Ingraham Calls for More “new” Colleges

April 2, 2022

When I heard Laura Ingraham say last week that we need new colleges, I was delighted.

The idea excites me because for many years that has been my main professional focus and because Laura Ingraham is my favorite commentator on Fox. Plus she is a graduate of Dartmouth College where she was active in writing for the Dartmouth Review, the conservative student journal that came to prominence when attacked by Dartmouth’s President of the time.

Dartmouth students Greg Fossedal, Keeney Jones, Gordon Haff, Benjamin Hart, Dinesh D’Souza and Ingraham came to prominence at the Dartmouth Review in the 1980s.

I remember reading about the scuffle between Dartmouth’s Liberal (read
Intolerant) college president and the Dartmouth Review. I particularly came to admire D’Souza’s nine books and Ingraham’s feistiness, but most of all I appreciate that they went to Dartmouth.

The native intelligence and acquired skills that it takes to be admitted to Dartmouth assure that so much that is bad in higher education is surmounted by the brilliance of Dartmouth’s students. They may be political Liberals, but they are not dumb Liberals. And Ingraham’s call for founding new colleges is echoed in the recent formation of Thales College and University of Austin.

The higher education Establishment will do its best to tie up both ventures in deadly regulations that distract from engaging in “education” of students but their mere existence is a very good sign. As so many colleges fail, these two are evidence of what I call a “resurrection” that will take American higher education to new heights of achievement.

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