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The Dinosaur in Manhattan

April 5, 2022

In his address to the United Nations today, April 5, 2022, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said “And now we need a decision from the Security Council for peace in Ukraine.” Remove Russia as an aggressor and a source of war, “so it cannot from its permanent seat on the Security Council block decisions about its own aggression and its own war.”

Most Americans watching the United Nations today will do so for the first time and wonder why there is a “United Nations.”

A good friend wondered that also when he left his apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan and saw a car with UN “diplomatic” plates and stacks of parking tickets on the dashboard. A bull of a man, and ready to fight anyone, crouched down, grabbed the frame of the car, and rolled it over onto Park Avenue.

In my novel “Coda,” the pollster for U.S. Senator Bob Hill endears himself to the Senator by urinating in the car’s window.

“Thems” my feelings too when I realize that a do-nothing, useless, dinosaur like the “UN” still exists.

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