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America’s “Woke” Banks

April 8, 2022

Bank of America and Citibank are two banks to avoid.

The once venerable Bank of America now requires that employees undergo “wokeness” training:

“Bank of America Corp. has implemented a racial re-education program that claims the United States is a system of “white supremacy” and encourages employees to become “woke at work,” instructing white employees in particular to “decolonize your mind” and “cede power to people of color.”

And Citibank instituted a policy to pay for abortions of its employees living in Texas:

“ CitiGroup may be concerned about equity, but not when it comes to political views. The U.S. banking firm, in a knee-jerk reaction to Texas’s heartbeat law, stunned investors last month by announcing that it would start footing the bill for employees who had to leave the state for an abortion. Hotels and plane tickets will be on us, CEO Jane Fraser declared, staking out radical new territory in the financial sector.”

Is this a commentary on the education and character of bankers or on all who place jump-starting their corporate careers in college by studying Business Administration and not the Great Books, History or Literature?

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