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Ideologues Want to Control Twitter

April 16, 2022

With cable and broadcast media firmly “Progressive,” Republican and conservative candidates for public office must use paid media, direct mail, personal appearances and local Party organizations to make known their presence and policies.

Facebook and Twitter are important in order to create “name recognition.” Even I have 1,847 Following and 1,596 Followers on Twitter. These represent persons who read my blog posts at

That is the context that Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter has made news.

Face it. With few exceptions (I can think only of Tony Barr), our computer programmers and IT professionals know little about culture, politics, American Constitutional history, Western civilization, religion or Christianity.

Interviews with Elon Musk indicate that he knows as much about politics as a typical college Sophomore or your average Uncle. But he values freedom and wants Twitter to remain an expression of freedom.

What disturbs “them” is that Musk doesn’t express “Progressive” views.

In other words, Musk is not an ideologue.

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