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Pittsburgher: Orrin Hatch, RIP

April 24, 2022

The death of former U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) is mourned by those who understand that politics is about the reconciliation of conflict–and by persons who grew up in Pittsburgh, PA.

I knew that Hatch worked as a janitor during the years he attended Law School at Pitt. But his obituary reveals that he was born and raised in Homewood, a working class area of what we Pittsburgers call the “Burgh.”

Homewood also is where Henry Clay Frick’s Pittsburgh estate, Clayton, is located.

Though the Hatch Foundation honors Orrin Hatch, it has not preserved his home in Homewood where his father, Jesse Hatch, instilled in him the qualities of character that took him to the United States Senate.

Rest in Peace, Orrin Hatch, Pittsburgh Boy

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