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Hillbilly to the Rescue

May 4, 2022

Until yesterday, the Grand Old Party had shown lack of conviction and imagination and was still suffering from the influence of Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush and Donald Trump’s reelection loss.

I sometimes wonder how George H. W. Bush secured the position of Vice President to Ronald Reagan, but none thought that Reagan was a “shoe in” for election. We Conservatives had been so brow-beaten by “our betters” that we felt inferior, or not as confident as we should. But if truth be told, Reagan had learned little or not enough to know what to look for in his associates. Margot Carlisle, a “Hill” staffer and astute politico, sent me the first alert saying “Reagan’s men are not conservatives.”

Deaver and Meese were dedicated to the Governor, but had no national government experience, which explains why they were “taken to the cleaners” by James Baker who went out of his way to cleanse the Reagan and Bush Administration of movement conservatives. Of course they had help from the dummy who put a “Personnel Professional” as director of Presidential Personnel?

With Jim Baker in control, and G. H. W. in the wings, the “Internationalist” faction knew that their influence was secure—until the election of a candidate committed to “America First” came out of the blue saying he had enough of imperial wars. He slipped up badly and by 2021 the Internationalists were back in power.

God works in curious ways, however, and Joe Biden became President after age had destroyed his abilities and there are signs that the American electorate wants the national interest placed first.

That is the context we should understand J. D. Vance’s victory in the Ohio GOP primary on Tuesday, May 3. It was only a primary victory in a state that never experienced the “Conservative Movement,” but times are “a changin.”

Take a look at J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy and I’ll be back tomorrow with my “take” on that primary in Ohio.

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