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Midge Decter, RIP

May 10, 2022

Midge Decter travelled from the political Left to become a voice on the political Right. She was welcomed into “the Movement” because of the clarity of her world-wise views and because the American conservative movement attracted white male Protestants. Our views reflected ideas and attitudes opposite Catholic and Jewish Americans and opened us to charges that we, like Adolph Hitler, were antisemites. By welcoming Midge as a friend we put a lie to that slander.

I spent formative years in Miami and had Jewish friends with whom I attended Friday Shabbat ceremonies, but when I became a conservative activist I was blamed by a Jewish classmate for contributing to the death of President Kennedy!

As an undergraduate at Pitt I had worked for Richard Nixon’s campaign for President in 1960 and shared anti-Catholic views of my Missouri Synod Lutheran religion. When I decided to become a practicing Catholic in my 30s, my Lutheran mother could not understand why, as she phrased it, I had “turned.”

I remember Midge for an essay she published in Commentary titled “The Boys on the Beach.” She and her husband, Norman Podhoretz, vacationed on Fire Island that attracted large numbers of homosexual “man-boys.” The Catholic Church also attracted homosexuals who were ordained as priests and that led to many instances of pederasty. The “Conservative Movement” like other “movements” attracted homosexuals, and through my friendship with Arthur Finkelstein I met Terry Dolan, founder of NCPAC.  Arthur and Terry were homosexuals. Other conservative leaders also were homosexual.

Midge didn’t like sexual immorality and that affected her attitudes toward conservatives in the movement who committed adultery. In Washington, DC, where attractive women gravitated to powerful men, sexual intercourse with married Congressmen, Senators and Presidential appointees was as common as daylight.

We’ll miss Midge Decter.

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