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Free market “Think Tank” under Attack

May 14, 2022

St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA has been the focus of controversy by a presentation given at a conference hosted by the Center for Political and Economic Thought (CPED) by political scientist, David Azerrad, in which he argued “against treating Americans differently due to their race. ‘I denounced all forms of preferential treatment for Black Americans,’ Azerrad said later about his talk, ‘and defended the core American principles of meritocracy and the rule of law – that is, the idea that desirable positions in the private sector should be awarded on the basis of competence and not skin color, and that all Americans should be equal before the law.’”

All hell broke loose, of course, that led to restrictions placed on future events conducted by CPET by St. Vincent College President, Father Paul R. Taylor, which since becoming a Catholic, I can say “Fr. Taylor is not just “Catholic.” This priest is a “modern ‘Social Justice’ Catholic.”

Seen from the perspective of “First Europe,” Fr. Taylor’s “Catholicism” cast St. Augustine and St. Thomas into the Catholic equivalent of a “dustbin” by assuming that earth, not Heaven, is a Catholic’s home. That is the politest way I can describe the decline of the Church in our time into a “Woke” secular religion.

I came to know David Azerrad when he was at the Heritage Foundation and taught a course—one of only two or three taught in all of American higher education–on the history of the Conservative Movement.

I am from the nearby city of Pittsburgh, was aware of two universities in the area that have conservative faculty (Duquesne and St. Vincent) and was developing a college level course on the history of conservatism in the United States to be offered via the Internet.

Naturally I sought out Dr. Azerrad.

In our discussion I asked about the origins of his name which he told me was in the lineage of Sephardic Jews who were brutally discriminated against by Spain in 1492.

Now I understood why Dr. Azerrad was opposed to all forms of racial discrimination, including discrimination imposed by our current “Woke” culture.

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