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Who “Lost” China? Part 2

May 17, 2022

The immoral and  disastrous American withdrawal from Afghanistan by the Biden Administration sent signals to enemies of the United States.

Vladimir Putin was the first to respond by attempting to regain Ukraine for a reconstituted Russian Empire. Xi Jinping, successor to supreme power in the People’s Republic of China, smelled weakness, too, and reflected on his long term strategy of gaining control of Taiwan.

Two problems weakened his resolve: the Russian invasion of Ukraine revealed that the Russian military was incompetent. Military require frequent engagements or their skills decline. Excluding repression of former Soviet satellite Georgia, and the “cake walk” into Crimea, this was the first time Russia engaged in battle since Russia gave assistance to North Vietnam’s revolution.

A second problem was Xi Jinping’s response to the Covid pandemic. With only 9% of China’s population vaccinated, Xi decided to contain the virus by locking people in their homes, testing for infections, and permitting people to leave only after testing.

The Biden Administration’s first response to PRC fly-overs of Taiwan was to direct U.S. Air Force fighter jets to fly alongside PLA jets. The military took note and had second thoughts about military action in a pandemic and has moved to restrain Xi’s powers.

Wag the dog is Biden’s strategy for re-election because he doesn’t want to be blamed for the loss of Taiwan.

Our remaining enemy in Tehran continues nuclear weapons development and uses drones to impede some shipments from the Strait of Hormoz. There too President Biden’s response is to mimic his action in Afghanistan.

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