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The Coming “Showdown” over January 6

May 27, 2022

Representatives Kevin McCarthy of California, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Andy Biggs of Arizona have objected in writing to House Democrats who are investigating the January 6 “insurrection.” Rep. Perry called the investigation a “Kangaroo Court.”

Which came first, former President Trump’s desire to remain in office or public opinion surveys that reveal that 21 million Americans believe that Joe Biden is deliberately attempting to change demographics and racial composition of the United States?

As such, from their perspective, Joe Biden is an illegitimate president and use of force to return Donald Trump to his Office as President is justified.

That motivated many voters who came to Washington to stop the tally of votes in the Electoral College.

Some Republican members of Congress have concluded that President Trump is responsible for inciting an insurrection but are unwilling to jeopardize their political careers and act to depose former President Trump. The four House Republicans cited above object to a Democrat-led investigation of January 6, and most probably any investigation of January 6.

In my fifty years as a trained observer of American politics, as an elected Republican Committeeman, member of the staff of a Republican U.S. Senator and appointee in two Republican Presidential Administrations, despite my agreement with the policies of former President Donald Trump, I saw the events of January 6 as an organized assault on procedures governing transfer of powers of the Federal government. The one decision I can make to show my frustration is to change my voter registration to “Independent.”

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