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What, me worry

June 1, 2022

Pollster Mark Mellman writes that Democratic policy prescriptions are popular— “but voters don’t think the policies will be of much help to their families.”

If that assertion is accurate, we are all in Deep Doo Doo.

But in one way, Mellman’s observation makes sense. If you neglect civic education in schools for generations, Americans will say to themselves “What, me worry.”

I worry, however, and recommend storing some dry foods that can last 25 years and believe we should learn lessons from unstable nations where currency is used to purchase gems when hyper-inflation hits a society as is happening in Biden’s America.

When the value of silver soared to stratospheric heights years ago, I acquired for my publisher a study by Paul Sarnoff titled Silver Bulls that told the story of the seven month rise in the price of silver from August 1979 to March 1980.

If you were into commodity trading of silver during those seven months you became a millionaire.

That’s why we’re seeing silver coins being advertised on TV.  

If today you think that silver prices will soar, Paul Sarnoff advised investing in silver mining companies, not silver coins.

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