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The Spirit of Jeff Zucher

July 3, 2022

When Jeff Zucher was removed from his position as editor  of CNN, I thought I saw modification of CNN’s hallmark radical Progressive “reporting.”

This morning in CNN’s “New Day” programming, however, an interview was conducted with Georgia State Senator Jan Jordan, a candidate for Georgia Attorney General.

Jordan has opposed recent limitations on abortion—what “progressives” call “Women’s healthcare”–by stating that she will not prosecute violators of current abortion law.

Sen. Jordan is beautiful in appearance but holds a frightening view that she defends as “prosecutorial discretion.”

Since I’m not an attorney and this is the Sunday before our national celebration of Independence, I won’t delve into the fine points of “Prosecutorial Discretion,” except to observe that Jan Jordan’s interpretation of that “Power” reduces the doctrine of “Nullification” to personal whim.

As noted here, we have an  “Attorney problem”: badly educated attorneys whose understanding of Constitutional Law begins in the early 1900 Progressive view of the “living Constitution,” one that does not turn on original intent of the Framers of limited government of 1787, but defines a “Progressive” predilection not to prosecute standing law that endangers “women’s healthcare,” i.e. the power to kill your baby.

That is a view that dominated CNN during the reign of Jeff Zucker and still resides in CNN’s “New Day” editorial suite.

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