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What to say Today

July 6, 2022

Most essays at are premeditated, but some fly in “over the transom” like today when I received a note of appreciation for mention of the late Bill Schulz.

I replied:

How nice of you to remind me of Bill Schultz and of a time when we young conservatives turned our backs on a dominant “Liberal” ideology and cut our own paths through life.

Some chose journalism (Schulz, Tomlinson, Evans), some went into publishing (Greg Wolf, some took the think tank route (Ed Feulner, Paul Weyrich), others became scholars (Angelo Codevilla) and, well, you can read about them at

“Honor thy father and mother that though mayest live long on the earth” is a verse from the King James version that I remember. When just a kid I didn’t think living a long life was so great, but I now see that if so blest you can actualize your humanity by remembering.

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