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American Empire and our “War State”

July 11, 2022

“Saddened” is the word that best described my feelings as I viewed for the first time the appearance of my latest book, Rise and Fall of the American Empire, at Amazon. My study reveals the prospect that if America continues in the direction it is going we’ll lose our country.

Loss of country is a theme I developed in a webcast produced at the HQ building of the Institute of World Politics, formerly the Embassy of the Soviet Union in Washington, DC.  “Loss” of France, Poland and 17th century China are examined and suggest that no nation is immune to ultimate loss.

From 1916 to 1991 the Soviet Union followed the trajectory of all living things from birth to senescence and death and Rise and Fall of the American Empire explores how, in less than ten years, we Americans may face loss of our Constitutional order. Only sadness is the feeling I felt at a prospect that the political order that has served us well since 1789 will soon expire.

Slowly, over close to a century of wars, from America’s decision to enter WW I in 1914 to 2003 when another American president launched a “war to end dictatorship and terrorism in Iraq and gain the people’s freedom,” a deep administrative state has grown and shaped the United States into a “War State.” Historians use that term to describe the growth of the Roman Republic into a Roman Empire.

Our transformation is more complex than what shaped a standing army of ancient Rome into a Roman Legion.

Led by arrogant presidents, we sought to change nature or at least the natural order of balance of power and replace it with a democratic project. That project, or ideal, shared by Republican and Democrat alike, is irrational and reflects the “totalist” impulse that drives modern humans.

That “idealism” defined us by participating in so many wars that we see ourselves as a military nation that has been shaped by a massive administrative state so massive that we Americans now understand the difference between our being “governed” and our being “ruled.”

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