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Hello Again

July 30, 2022

My post on July 25 featured sketches by Svetlana Karnaukhova of scenes from my hometown, Pittsburgh PA.  I have lots to say about the “Burgh” but my right knee became so painful due to arthritis that on Thursday last I underwent surgery to replace it.

Two weeks later I can stand (painfully), use a walker and walk a few steps at a time, and am able to walk to my home office and compose this message.

Here’s what’s on my mind:

●what is involved if the Justice Department brings a criminal indictment of former President Trump for acts committed on January 6.

Long term, this discussion will include examination of the future of American politics immediately “After Trump” and a likely realignment of our “Two Party” system. This will require examination of Trump’s Nationalism as it stands in opposition to “the Democratic project.”

I need to draft an addendum to my critique of Trump’s militarization of the administrative state. George W. Bush began that process.

●the call to overcome domination of higher education by a “Left University,” how the founding of new colleges may overcome that domination and how and what they teach. “Great Books” examined and compared to teaching the “Liberal Arts.”

●what constitutes a liberal education.

For my part I will publish a memorial collection of essays honoring Professor Gerhart Niemeyer, make final edits to a book that examines the contest between justice and order and read dozens of books about persons of Christian faith who shaped the culture of the west in the era known as “first Europe.”

A collateral issue to be raised in that study is how the ancient republic of Rome became an imperial “War State” and how the many wars that the United States waged from World War I to Iraq and Afghanistan shaped America into an imperial “War State.” That is a lesson I learned when I wrote Rise and Fall of the American Empire published in July 2022.

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