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America’s Next President

September 1, 2022

At the conclusion of my 2022 essay “American Politics Today and Tomorrow,” I outline a possible multi-party political realignment of America’s traditional Two Party system.

“The “Two Party” system inaugurated in 1800 when Vice President Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic-Republican Party and defeated incumbent President John Adams of the Federalist Party will be subject to realignment. There are some signs already that the United States will experience a multi-party system. Here is an outline of that “multi-Party system.”

●Progressive Democrats and Internationalists, secondary education teachers and university professors  

●Traditional Democrats: Labor Unions, employees of NGO non-profits organizations and government Agencies in service to the “Administrative State, secondary education teachers and university professors

●Never Trump Republicans and Internationalists

●Nationalist conservators of tradition

In two “Realigned parties,”secondary education teachers and university professors play pivotal roles.” Their presence assures a shift in American politics to the issues of the “Progressive Left.”

Progressive Democrats and Internationalists and Traditional Democrats are beneficiaries of a well-established administrative State and may constitute the majority of American voters on any particular day. They constitute the political Establishment of the 21st century.

Periodically sniping at the heels of this Establishment are Republicans who rejected Donald Trump and aligned with George W, Bush and Neoconservative “Internationalists.”. Representatives are Liz Cheney and Mike Pompeo..

If it is true that President Trump’s greatest accomplishment was his avoidance of war, we may look to “war weariness” as the point at which this new Establishment loses power.

Of Republicans of this persuasion only one current Republican officeholders has standing: Sen. Tom Cotton-R-Ark The immediate future is in the hand of US Senate candidates in 2022 and Donald Trump.

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