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Twin Enemies of Tradition: Leftist Media & Higher Education

September 2, 2022

There are some (two or three) professional journalists in each of the three major Cable news channels, but it is becoming very difficult to stomach news reporting junked with Leftist bias.

Mika Brzezinski at MSNBC, Jake Tapper at CNN and a few voices of the Left now being heard at Fox News are driving me to look for alternative sources.

Here’s where I go for my daily jolt of news coverage:

NewsMax    Breitbart   Drudge

Washington Examiner    Washington Times

Wall Street Journal

Four of these six news sources have the advantage that they originated online. Print news publications are a dying breed and will struggle to develop a profitable online presence or become places for local advertising. The Wall Street Journal bridged the divide between print, online and pay media.

Though these alternative sources are very helpful, especially if you are easily angered by the likes of Brzezinski  or Tapper, the future is clouded.

The two sons of Rupert Murdoch lack the “feel” for conditions in the United States that made Fox News under Roger Ailes a success. News Corp’s control of the New York Post, Wall Street Journal and Fox News is vulnerable to retreat from the conservative advocacy journalism that made Fox News so popular.

The Wall Street Journal has always had a division or intellectual divide between its reporters and editorial staff, and the Murdoch brothers can be expected to blend the two and make the Wall Street Journal more Liberal in point of view.

Only the Washington Examiner has the potential to replace News Corp with forceful news reporting because it is owned by one of the wealthiest men in America, 82 year old Philip Anschutz. The future of American Rightist journalism is in the hands of young Lachlan Murdoch, and his brother, James R. Murdoch, 

Lachlan Murdoch was educated in the United States, and that experience mixed with his life in Australia, does not bode well. Lachlan attended Aspen Country Day School, a liberal domain in Colorado, Phillips Academy a boarding school for the children of the wealthy and then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, not exactly the equivalent of HIllsdale College or Grove City.

James Murdoch may have more promise since after graduating from Horace Mann School in 1991 he entered Harvard, but did not graduate. James drew a comic strip for the Harvard Lampoon, and is interested in music and the arts.

The future of the media holdings of News Corp is in the hands of these two middle age men.

One possible contender for a Rightist presence in cable news media is Founder of NewsMax, Christopher Ruddy.

Son of a police officer, Ruddy graduated from Catholic St. Johns University (Queens, New York), a commuter school where Donald Trump attended the first two years of college. Ruddy’s NewsMax TV is distributed on DirecTV, Dish and Verizon Fios, but you have to really want straight conservative television to subscribe to a cable system that carried it.

Television has been a difficult medium for conservatives.

The Coors family tried to establish a television network, but failed.

Paul Weyerich founded Empowerment Television and lost his shirt.

Ted Turner did well, but, then, CNN is a vehicle for the Left.

Fox News was different, but its future is clouded as succession issues come to the fore.

Also there are limitations of television that deter viewing and thus influence.

Television and radio are produced in serial time. But a transcript of an hour of television or radio programming can be read in 15 minutes.

Transcending those limitations requires much more revenue and promises to limit NewsMax TV to a very limited audience of hard line,  conservative, older men.

The demographics of  a future America are found in the Millennials which pollster Frank Luntz believes is “owned” by the Left. Add to that the domination of American higher education by a Left University, and the future course of the United States is clear: economic decline, political class warfare, and loss of influence in world affairs.

To some extent, Ronald Reagan pointed the way to recovery by political action, but he had no conservative successors as President.

Hillsdale College is a refuge for families that want their children to learn the principles of limited government and free enterprise, but Hillsdale is only one institution in a universe of thousands of colleges that teach the opposite.

Our Churches are dominated by clergy who believe in the Social Gospel or priests who are devoted to Social Justice. No recovery, apparently, can be expected in the realm of politics or religion.

Education may experience creative destruction as education consumers rebel against high tuition and regulatory reforms open the way for Internet based, high tech, institutions that go over the heads of expensive, campus-based, dinosaurs.

I tried it and know how it can be done

Let’s hope that, if we turn higher education around, our politics and churches will improve.

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