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Shameful Adoration

September 10, 2022

The literature of the tiny island of England is greater than the island itself and its government.

A monarch “rules” its people but England long ago dispatched its monarchs in favor of elected members of Parliament.

So why the American fascination with the “royals.”

Their photos appear on the covers of magazines at grocery checkouts and sell better than covers plastered with boobs and long legs.

We Americans “desire” these princes and princesses though most inherited their wealth and live only to attend weddings, parties and funerals of their own kind,

Laziness is painted on the face of King Charles III who hasn’t had an original thought before and after the death of his first wife.

As Americans we should ask why our Constitution prohibits hereditary titles and thank God that Joe Biden lacks the power to create them!

Yes the “Brits” and we speak the same language, but we need more than British WW II artillery pieces in any contest with Russia, Iran and the PRC.

Besides, we have our own heroes. Their names are found on the Vietnam memorial Wall.

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