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9/11 Then and Now

September 11, 2022

On September 11 in the year 2001 I was driving the 191 miles from Norfolk Virginia to Washington DC where I was to give a report to a meeting of the Fee Congress Foundation on progress made toward founding a solely Internet-based University.

We advertised the university as dedicated to the history of Western law, philosophy and the history of Western civilization,

In December of the previous year I had met with Paul Weyrich to ask his support to create a new university which I named “Yorktown University” after the battle at Yorktown Virginia where George Washington’s colonial forces defeated British General Cornwallis.

I knew nothing about “instructional design” of Internet delivery of college courses for education nor of state and federal regulations governing the offering of courses for degree credit. But I had been using MCI Mail and an Apple computer to develop financing for Czech and Polish privatization of state companies from 1982 to 1995 and placed three lectures on privatization topics at a website.

When I looked at them I realized that a solely Internet university was possible.

What I did not realize was that such an effort threatened Virginia colleges and that they and the associations that confer “Regional Accreditation” and Democrat Party politicians who benefit from their support would use their power, influence and state regulations to destroy my new university. Nor did I appreciate that by 2001 the “Conservative Movement” had lost its reason for being and was operating with a lack of appreciation of the importance of the ideas that first motivated its founding.

That morning my wife called to say that a plane had crashed into a tower at the World Trade Center. Arriving on Capitol Hill as I walked to the entrance of the Free Congress Foundation I saw smoke billowing from the Pentagon.

“Oh the humanity” were words that expressed the loss of lives killed in the 1937 Hindenburg disaster and that day– 64 years later on 9/11–when Islamic terrorists attacked the World Trade Center. That confirmed what I needed to do to achieve my University’s goals.

My history of that venture was published in 2017 and my assessment of the pending loss today of our country to a vast and deep “administrative state” was published on July 7, 2022. This time our country has been attacked by our Higher Education Establishment.

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