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Rise and Fall of the American Empire

September 13, 2022
A new book from En Route Books and media critically analyzes how the Republic fashioned by the Framers of the Constitution in 1787 has been transformed into a deep Administrative State ruled by non-elected experts. In these pages, Dr. Bishirjian demonstrates that the country that was new in 1789, when its Constitutional order was ratified, no longer exists and that the Constitution intended to order and organize American politics has been challenged to a breaking point.
Though specialists have observed the growth in power of the American presidency since the Great Depression, the first sign of an “imperial” Office of the President became visible on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Where before our Presidents were chosen to execute the powers of office, JFK’s assassination revealed that Americans had begun to seek Emperors to represent the imperial nation in history.
What does that mean for us today?
The transformation from a democratic republic into empire has been little noticed. Yet the signs are evident by the inability of those who represented themselves as defenders of traditional order to generate effective leaders.
What makes members of the Congress of the United States and governors of American states ineffective in opposition to growth of an American Empire will be examined by reference to the origins of our constitutional order and historical events that shaped a vast and intrusive administrative state that, now, is beyond the control of elected members of the federal government.   Transition from a nation of “governors” and “governed” to one of “rulers” and “ruled” is at the heart of the American Empire.  
All that remains is to abolish the Electoral College and commit to an era of empire founded on plebiscitary democracy. If that occurs, politics in the United States will lose its last connection to the limited government established at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, and a new imperial era of rule will reshape our political party system into a system controlled by American emperors.   Bishirjian’s analysis steers us toward reclaiming our country, which is in danger of being lost.
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