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Want to start a new college?

September 24, 2022

As it becomes clear that American higher education is corrupting our college educated citizens, serious effort is being given to starting new colleges.

About two years after founding a solely Internet-based online University in 2000, I was approached by a person who wanted to deed land for use as a college or University. We were Internet-based and didn’t need much more than a lending library.

In 2,004 another grant of land in a remote area of Colorado was deeded to something called Julius Caesar University.

Thank God nothing came of that venture.

About ten years ago, another university founder leased an ancient monastery in a remote Italian village and attracted the interest of Steve Bannon who wanted to train political “nationalists” in taking power.

Nothing came of that either.

A college or university is a complicated organization and the worst thing to do is start a university in a corn field or remote village.

In the context of fourth‑century Athens, the Platonic philosophers engaged in dialogue in order to answer questions which arose from within the political community of the polis. Their philosophic discussions occurred in reference to problems of political order, arose in response to the political and moral decay of Greek culture, and was in that sense “political.”

In my experience, the worst physical locations where I attended or visited a college or university were South Bend, Indiana, Grove City, Pennsylvania and Hillsdale, Michigan.

These remote locations are where campuses of Notre Dame, Grove City and Hillsdale College are located. All three were founded by religious institutions who sought to provide students with character education.

These institutions were not designed to accommodate the intellectual creativity of scholars.

Major cities such as Boston, Los Angeles, New York and even Miami are cities where the best and brightest gather to shape national and local culture. Even Pittsburgh where I was raised and where I attended undergraduate school was a better place for creative minds than South Bend, Grove City or Hillsdale.

If you are very wealthy and want to leave a legacy that enriches American society by founding a college or university, please do not look for a corn field.

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