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Dr. Bishirjian speaks of loss of China to the Mongols in the 17th century and methods of survival developed by Chinese intellectuals, artists, poets and former government officials.  Access it by clicking it here.

      Anti-American Bias of American Higher Education, Family Research Council,       December 5, 2017

Why American Higher Education is Failing, Heartland Institute, March 1, 2017 

The Future of Education, Law and George Mason University,  October 2015

Federalization of Higher Education, National Association of Scholars, April 30, 2012

Federal Takeover of Higher Education, Family Research Council, May 11, 2011

Politics and For-Profit Education, Cato Institute, February 1, 2011

Cultural Decline, Higher Education and the Internet
Regional Meeting of the Philadelphia Society, Indianapolis, Indiana
October 24, 2009

Quantification and Intelligence Testing: A Reassessment
Presented to the Virginia Political Science Association
Old Dominion University
Saturday, November 20, 2009


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