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Down to the Wire

January 7, 2021

On October 18, 2019, I placed a small wager at the online betting site “BetUs” that Donald Trump would resign the Presidency. There are 13 days remaining in President Trump‘s term and the air is clogged with speculation that he may be Impeached, be removed from office under terms of the 25th Amendment or resign in order to be pardoned by his successor. This wager is really “down to the wire.”

This Day I’ll Remember

January 6, 2021

The Capitol and Senate and House Chambers are a part of me.

When I was 12 or 13, I walked with a cousin under the Rotunda of the Capitol of the United States and Vice President Richard Nixon scurried by with two security guards.

I watched the ceremonies that followed the assassination of President Kennedy and watched as his body lay under that Rotunda. Later I would give a presentation in one of the conference rooms under the Rotunda.

I worked for a U.S. Senator and have been in many Senate and House offices.

I attended memorial services at a Catholic church near the Capitol for conservative colleagues, including Russell Kirk and Dr. James Dornan who died in an automobile accident. I’ve ridden the subway between the House and Senate and dined in restaurants within view of both Houses of Congress. And I’ve voted for the Republican candidate for President in every election since I was able to vote and my candidates lost more elections than they won

I am a grown man, but only today I cried as I saw a mob cross the Rotunda of the Capitol and invade the Senate Chamber and House of Representatives.

Indict and Try President Trump

January 6, 2021

President Trump believes that he is not merely chief executive, but he is the embodiment of national will and is justified to act against persons and parties who seek to replace him illegally.

A MAGA protest rally planned in Washington, DC the day Congress will certify results of the 2020 Presidential election. That call for a “rally” is a clear attempt to disrupt finalizing results of the Presidential election and clearing the way for a peaceful transition of power.

That is incitement of revolution and former President Trump should be subject to indictment and imprisoned if convicted.

Anticipating trouble 10 former U.S. Secretaries of Defense warned that it would take the country into “dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory” to involve the military in an attempt to remain in office.

In plain English, President Trump is inciting sedition that will precipitate a Civil War.

American Politics in Transition

January 6, 2021

Every Republican President from Dwight Eisenhower through Bush 43 supported the ideas embodied in Woodrow Wilson’s political religion—until the election of President #45, Donald J. Trump. That President took American government in a new “Nationalist” direction.

Due to President #45’s incompetence, he was defeated by an old 60’s Liberal and Democrats are pinning the hopes on a revival of 60’s Liberalism that is Internationalist in orientation and reliant upon the expertise of an expanded “Administrative State.”

This year, 2021 Anno Domini, the world has changed.

Domestically we are relieved of the burden of segregation and we understand that so-called “Great Society” programs were proven failures. For a full examination, please read my review of Amity Shlaes “new history” of the Great Society. Reliance on government as 60’s Liberals are want to do will fail.

In foreign affairs, too, the world had changed and new policies are needed.

The Soviet Union has died and Russia poses a long threat to our national interest, but first must rebuild the old Russian Empire. Only Communist China remains as a surviving memory of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Islamic radicalism has risen and controls the government of Iran. See my analysis of the rise of Islam.

As president Biden assumes office, he will face new realities that cannot be addressed by 60s Liberalism. That suggests that American politics is in transition and the nation must wait for new leadership to appear. The men in the GOP let us down, so I’m betting that if new leadership that is required can be found, that will arise from a new cohort of Republican Party women politicians.