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A President Compromised

November 21, 2019

As President Trump’s policies toward, and personal relations with, Vladimir Putin became visible, I concluded that Donald Trump had been compromised by Russian security services.

Doing business in Poland immediately after the fall of the Berlin wall through the collapse of the soviet Union in 1991 through 1995, I became aware that the Polish Communist Party used prostitutes to control those they depended upon for acceptance of Party policies.

In that context, that Donald Trump would hold a Miss Universe pageant in Moscow in 2013 was “risky.” Surrounded by beautiful women and delighted to be in their presence, a future President in Moscow was “playing with fire.”

How deeply compromised may have been the President was just an interesting question until I learned that President Trump ignored the long history of Russian assassination of traitors and disputed the charge that Russia had poisoned two Russian defectors–to no less than the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Trump’s Impeachment Explained

November 20, 2019

Testimony today by Donald Sundland reveals why the Trump Administration is disorganized, represented by incompetents and directed by a man simply too ignorant to serve as President of the United States.

President Trump will be Impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives because he gave House Democrats, experiencing a new sense of their powers, a legal reason to Impeach him.

State Department policies in Ukraine were distracted by an anti-corruption policy when the primary focus should be on blocking absorption of Ukraine into the efforts to recover a Russian Empire by Vladimir Putin.

Though it is imperative that American policy should solely focus on blocking Putin’s imperial ambitions, President Trump has no strategic national security policy and did not move to close down “State’s” anti-corruption programs. As a marketing expert, with no government experience and stymied by his inability to read, he is focused solely on marketing his bid for re-election and decided to get “the goods” on Joe Biden’s corruption  in Ukraine.

After nearly three years in office, President Trumps understands that bureaucrats at the Department of State, and his own Secretary of State, cannot be trusted and decided to circumvent Ukraine policy by directing former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Sundland, to accomplish what he needed. That’s legal, but not what they were directed to do.

What Trump ignores are the intentions of Putin and the need to make Ukraine the defense against those intentions and to establish Poland as the secondary line of defense. One can imagine that this entails knowledge of military systems necessary to forestall Putin’s aggression. That is the sole requirement of the President of the United States.


Failure to understand that will lead to Impeachment of President Trump.

Our “Attorney” Problem

November 18, 2019

About twenty-five years after the first stirrings of  the Progressive movement, our Law Schools began to instruct attorneys in a Progressive view of the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution was not a fixed instrument for limited government but a “living” document adjustable to changing times and circumstance.  Just as Progressives came to dominate American higher education so Progressives came to dominate legal education.

Consequently we have a problem with aggressive and very political Attorneys General, Federal District Court Judges, Federal Prosecutors and U.S. Attorneys.

It is best not to fall within the  purview of their jurisdictions as a conservative, or a person of wealth, because you will be singled out for retribution.

Not merely will you have committed a crime, but you will be seen to be representative of all that Progressives detest.

This change in the administration of federal law bears watching closely, but for now the trials and convictions of parents who sought admission of their children to prestige colleges are prime examples.

Two Federal Judges in the United States Attorney’s Office for Massachusetts, Indira Talwani and Nathaniel Gorton, are “hanging judges” meting out extremely harsh sentences to parents who thought they could bribe admission of their children into the “best” colleges and universities.

Judge Talwani’s harsh ruling in the case of Felicty Huffman and Lori Loughlin has been followed by another harsh sentence by Nathaniel  Gorton. Examination of these decisions reveal a very real problem as Progressives dominate every aspect of American life.

President Trump’s Health

November 16, 2019

As a Doctor in Government, anything I say about President Trump’s health should be taken as mere opinion.

However, last week I met with the nurse who monitors my “numbers” and all were good including my Cholesterol and body weight which remains at 190 pounds. My blood sugar level increased, but only bears watching–for now.

Yet, for more than twenty-years I’ve been on very low dose “Statin” medicine for blood pressure. I began that level of medication when my physician asked me to take something called the “Atherton” series of tests that examines the behavior of blood cells.

I did, and my test results indicated that my blood cells were “sticky” and would cohere over time leading to a stroke or heart attack. If you looked at my “numbers” that result from normal tests, and longevity in my family, you would say this fella will live to age 90.

Not so.

I look at President Trump who last week underwent an annual physical and see signs of high blood pressure and suspect that a review of his “numbers” will lead to “concerns.”



A Picture Says it All

November 16, 2019

Protests in Hong Kong against arbitrary rule of the Communist Party that controls the People’s Republic of China are an indication that the Communist Party’s grip on China’s burgeoning youth has ended.

This picture of 11-year old protestors says it all.

Though apparent to us in the West who have our own “youth problem”–largely due to our decision half a century ago to accede to dismantling of “core curricular” requirements that educated college students in their civic responsibilities–the protests of 11-year old Chinese in Hong Kong are equally significant.

This message is lost on 66 year old Xi Jinping, the PRC’s Maoist leader, whose commitment to Communist ideology and total control of China was forged during the Cultural Revolution. He will surely teach these Hong Kong protestors some harsh lessons they will learn in “Reeducation Camps.”

The coming crackdown on Hong Kong protesters will not deter the collapse of Communist Party control; it will only delay it. After the lives of these 11-year old girls have been shattered by harsh prison sentences, they will come out of the camps hardened against their “leaders.” When they are 21 and Xi Jinping is 77,s they will destroy the totalitarians who attempted to destroy them.



American Virtue Rules

November 15, 2019

William S. Brownfield was Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs until September 30, 2017. His successor, Kristen Dawn Madison, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on April 26, 2018. Unlike Secretary Brownfield, Ms. Madison is a former Senate staffer and policy specialist at the American Enterprise Institute.

Her appointment is of interest because U.S. “counter corruption” policy is the focus of Impeachment Proceedings in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Though American politics has experienced numerous instances of corruption, advocating “anti-corruption” in other countries has risks. Many nations are governed by corrupt leaders and confronting them with their misdeeds can de-stabilize those governments.

A recent book by University of Pennsylvania History professor, Walter McDougall, relates America’s sensitivity to “virtue” in ourselves and others to a “civil religion” that has deep roots in American culture and politics. His book is titled The Tragedy of U.S. Foreign Policy: How America’s Civil Religion Betrayed the National Interest.

Apparently, President Trump does not favor this attitude and especially in its manifestation in American foreign policy and has delegated former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, to negotiate foreign policy in Ukraine.

We’ll learn much more about that decision as Impeachment proceedings move forward, but a greater policy issue remains: Should the United States have a policy directed at corruption in nations with which the United States has diplomatic relations?

Let me put this in personal terms: I invite a professional colleague to dinner at my home. My colleague takes exception to the cleanliness of my kitchen and tells me that he is so appalled that he will notify our employer.

Frankly, I wouldn’t appreciate this offensive observation and I would move aggressively against him.

Isn’t that at bottom what’s at issue in the removal of the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine by President Trump?

Bye-Bye America

November 15, 2019

For conservative Republicans, Donald Trump’s policies are growing on us. To give form to that feeling, I described the actions of a hypothetical incumbent U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania seeking re-election in 2020.

Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector was challenged by foreign competition. Bob Hill said that corporate executives failed to respond to competition. He pointed to delays in adapting new technologies in steel production and the failure to market American automobiles in Japan. 

Bob made it a point of pride that some of his relatives were mill hands and said he had a plan to displace foreign competition on what he called a “tit for tat” basis. The Japanese were notorious in forcing changes in exported products thus making them more expensive.

“That will stop,” he said.

Bob also said he opposed immigration of Muslims and pointed at the problem in major European cities where non-Muslim dared not go. He told his listeners about the time he was in Hamburg, Germany and missed his stop on the subway. “I was lucky to get out of Hamburg alive,” he said.

 He also took time to show his understanding of changes in European politics by explaining why British nationalists wanted to get out from the open borders imposed on  European Union member nations.

 And when speaking to white working class voters he criticized Barack Obama’s appeal to the EU to admit Turkey as a member.

 That worked, and President 45 invited Senator and Mrs. Hill to an intimate dinner at the White House.

A private dinner at the White House with a typical President seals re-election of incumbents of the President’s Party. But our politics have been disrupted by changes in the character of Americans who are open as never before to radical appeals. This report on recent municipal elections in Seattle is representative. If Seattle were alone, we could ignore this shift to the radical Left, but leaders in the campaign for the Democrat nomination for President are similar to radicals in Seattle.

As a student of past elections, my best guess is that the Presidential election of 2020 will equal the gains by Democrats in the post-Watergate election of 1974. We are likely to enter an era of major turmoil and decline of American life and politics.