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Radicals Praise “the West”

April 20, 2021

Cornell West’s OpEd in today’s Washington Post titled “Howard University’s removal of classics is a spiritual catastrophe” was a “shocker.”

I began early today to tune in to “Morning Joe” on MSNBC to get my “take” on Leftist bias for April 20. Instead of the usual, nauseating, Progressive slant by Princeton University’s Eddie Glaube, Mike Barnicle and Washington Post editorial writer Eugene Robinson, I found a discussion about the importance of Western Civilization.

Over eleven years watching Morning Joe, I had never peered behind the curtain of Progressive bias that makes Morning Joe undrinkable as coffee. I knew that Joe Scarborough had an historical “bent” that gave on camera visibility–once or twice a year–to experts on American history.  But never did I suspect that this line-up Left-wing talking heads shared my understanding of Western civilization, and the vitality of the classic literature of the West.

What prompted this expression of mutual regard for Western civilization was a decision by Howard University to shut down the Classics Department at Howard University, a “historically black” university, established by an Act of the Congress of the United States in 1867.

American higher education is “a taker” not “a giver” and the Almighty Dollar is its be all and end all. “Education” stands last after money derived from high priced tuition, fees, housing, food and sports. Not a dime in American currency is overlooked in order to sustain payment of bounteous salaries to top administrators and an alarming increase in the numbers of subordinate administrators.

Education be damned and that includes Western civilization.

Sixty years ago when I was a Freshman at the University of Pittsburgh I was required—no ifs ands or buts—to take two semesters of survey courses in Western civilization. Today as Peter Wood and Steve Balch have demonstrated the history of Western civilization is not required—even in graduate history departments.

That is, as Cornell West writes, “a sign of spiritual decay, moral decline and a deep intellectual narrowness running amok in American culture.”



Conservatives Who Write Novels

April 14, 2021

Yesterday, April 13, 2021, six political conservatives who are scholars met via Zoom to discuss why they write novels.

Read about “Writing and the National Interest” by clicking here.

Their discussion posted at YouTube was 1:34 hrs in length and sheds light on critical issues facing all Americans. You are invited to support advertising of their narrative fiction by making a tax exempt donation to American Academy of Distance Learning.

Donors of $100 may request an autographed copy of one of their novels by going to: and click on the “Friend” option to make a secure donation by credit card or PayPal.

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Australian Racing and Education

April 13, 2021

Keeneland racecourse is racing as American thoroughbred enthusiasts look forward to the Kentucky Derby, but Australia is not to be outdone.

A two-day meet next weekend at Royal Randwick will outshine America’s “Darby” in quality of entries and elegance.

A century ago Australia was a backwater.

No longer as one entrepreneur donated $4 billion Australian to reform its higher education system away from Progressives like those who dominate American higher education.

Wealthy Americans are put to shame by the late Paul Ramsay!

And Australians dress for thoroughbred royalty racing at Randwick.

See you there?

The Dead and Living “South”

April 12, 2021

About thirty-three miles from where I’ve lived since 1996 is the town of Windsor, Virginia where major media has covered the pepper spraying of a driver of a new SUV. Though a temporary license was pasted in the rear window, a police officer stopped the vehicle and abused the driver, a black Lieutenant in the U.S. Military wearing Army fatigues.

The video of this encounter was featured on CNN’s “First Light” program this morning as “the lead” for the day and will be carried via the Internet and other media throughout the world.

The general “take” on this will confirm that America is “racist,” and the police are instructed to protect the white majority.

This episode which occurred last December and has come to light only now follows an episode the month before in Graham, North Carolina where African-American demonstrators were tear-gassed. Graham is 186 miles southwest of Windsor, and 50 miles east of Winston-Salem where tobacco (Camel cigarettes), textiles and university education (Wake Forest) dominated.

I had to look up that information because I am a Yankee and am appalled by a lingering disposition to honor “the South” in the form it took that killed 600,000 combatants in a savage Civil War.

Among some folk in Windsor and Graham, however, a love for that era transcends so much that is good in the southern United States, and the struggle to interpret life lived in the South by some of America’s most brilliant writers. I must assume that residents of Windsor or Graham are not readers of Faulkner nor the Fugitive Agrarians.

I  lived in Dallas, Texas, for three years from 1969-1972, where the traditions of the South and its distinctive literature were honored at the University of Dallas. My colleagues and friends, especially, Melvin E. Bradford, was a “Wallace Democrat,” and Tom Landess supported my work by publishing my history of political theory. My university colleagues in the Literature Department were heirs to the works of William Faulkner, Allen Tate, Caroline Gordon, Katherine Anne Porter, and Robert Penn Warren.

That is “the South” that has risen and lives.