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The Tuition Loan Forgiveness SCAM

August 25, 2022

It’s been six years since Yorktown University ceased operations in 2016 and twenty-two years since 2000 when Yorktown first sought “Regional Accreditation.”

If you want to become a college teacher or earn a postgraduate college degree you must earn a degree from a “Regionally Accredited” degree granting college or university.

There is something called “National Accreditation” but that is designed to affirm certain fundamentals of knowledge for vocational skills and to qualify for government tuition loans.

A degree from a Nationally Accredited institution won’t get you into Harvard Law.

My history of Yorktown’s struggle to attain Regional Accreditation explains why a college degree is so costly and lists 12-plus reforms needed to bring college costs down to reasonable levels.

Forgiveness of tuition loan indebtedness is not on that list.

Listen to this interview with the Heartland Institute to understand why.

What’s Up, Doc?

August 25, 2022

An assessment of American politics

“It’s a Baby”

August 24, 2022

As our politics is roiled by claims for a woman’s right to abortion, my own view was shaped by Michael Caine’s character in “Alfie” who sees the aborted fetus of his love of the moment and cries out “It’s a baby!” Dionne Warwick’s singing the song “Alfie” reminds me of that.

Birthday Reflection

August 21, 2022

My 80th birthday of June 5 was on Pentecost Sunday. Since then elective surgery on my right knee has focused my attention on pain management. But also how wonderful life is.

Please join me in celebrating our good fortune in being alive.