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Obama’s Game of Chess

June 4, 2020

Yesterday’s breaking of silence about Donald Trump by former President Barack Obama exposed the game of Chess he has been playing from the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated.

Not everyone plays chess.

Napoleon Bonaparte, when asked if he played chess, replied, “No, I can only do one thing well.”

On a chessboard the weakest piece is called a “Pawn” and the strongest is the “King.” In Obama’s game of Chess, Joe Biden is the “Pawn” and Obama is the “King,”

Having taught socialist activists how to engage in “community action” at the Mid-West Academy in Chicago, Obama knows how Lenin’s method of maintaining large non-Party organizations with mass membership can lead to revolution.

That is the goal of Obama’s game of chess and, yesterday, he  introduced s “Rook,” former Marine Corp.  General, James Mattis.

Obama’s chess game now begins and is moving toward acceptance of a career General officer to “manage” the State as President Trump is disposed of.

Defeating the Left

June 1, 2020

Major media, and the universities, are the two main institutions by which the Left controls not only the dialogue that informs public opinion, but also places its minions in positions where that influence can be expanded.

How can that dominance be challenged?

In the health sciences, scientists understand the destructive potential of viruses which they study. Only when released is their destructive potential realized. As an undergraduate I sensed the dangerous potential of a dominant “Liberalism” and sought admission to a graduate school where I knew that the scholars I would encounter had the answers I sought.

There were three, two were émigrés from Cologne and Vienna, Gerhart Niemeyer and Eric Voegelin, and one was an American priest, Stanley Parry, CSC, who had studied with Willmoore Kendall at Yale.

From them, I learned the nature of “Ideology” and the basis of our understanding in experience of the transcendent ground of reality.

All the troubles we are seeing in civil society can be traced to rejection of that experience and the creation of an ideological “Second Reality,” to use Voegelin’s concept.  Ideologues reject reality as it is given and seek to replace it with more acceptable visions. A full discussion requires an entire book and one that I wrote that explains that is still in print.

How can this domination by “Progressives” be challenged and replaced?

The seed of an answer lies in attempts by conservative entrepreneurs.

On December 6, 1993, Paul Weyrich, founder of the Free Congress Foundation, launched National Empowerment Television.

Organized as a cable television service with content provided by leading conservative institutions, National Empower Television sought to confront the Left media on its own terms. National Empowerment Television was important because it showed that there were influential leaders and financial backers who saw a problem and wanted to do something about it. That effort also gave opportunity to young conservatives to gain experience in television production, marketing and on-air roles.

In 1977, another conservative entrepreneur, M. Stanton Evans, began the National Journalism Center that for more than forty years has provided an alternative education opportunity for intelligent young people seeking careers in journalism. University Communication Departments are host to radical Leftists who indoctrinate future journalists and infect Schools of Journalism with Progressive ideology. The National Journalism Center designed a way to get an education for a career in journalism without Leftist indoctrination.

And in 2000, seeking to use new Internet technology to enter the higher education market, I founded Yorktown University as a way to bypass the Left university. Three years ago, a history of that effort was published by St. Augustine’s Press.

These 20th century efforts to defeat the Left in cable television, print journalism and university education point the way to how we in the 21st century can defeating the “Left Kingdom.”

How can that be done?

If a new cable network can be formed to counter the Left at MSNBC, CNN and a failing Fox News, not only will that network inform public opinion, but it will start careers of journalists unaffected by Progressive ideas.

A bevy of “citizens” media venues are replacing major print media institutions such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine. Their names are too many to list here, but they include Drudge, Washington Examiner, Newsmax, Free Beacon, Daily Caller and Breitbart.

The habit of reading the Left media is now being challenged forcefully.

The foundations of higher education, where the Left University dominates, are very old and showing extreme signs of wear. The system of “Regional Accreditation” blocks the use of new technologies that can offer equivalent education products at substantially lower cost. Only a few regulatory reforms are required to open floodgates to new entrepreneurial education ventures and already a viral Pandemic has forced closure of classroom instruction and a rush to take college courses online.

That effort has just begun and the reliance on high tuition will force closure of many colleges that cannot adapt to lower tuition costs. Today college level online courses–with faculty–are offered at Arizona State for $600 each.

The Left can be defeated.




The Arrogance of Space Flights

May 31, 2020

Yesterday’s NASA launch of two astronauts on a rocket designed to land at the International Space Station encouraged Liberal media to shower praise, for once, on America, its government and space industry. I have always looked askance at space flights and often wondered why we travelled to the Moon or what benefits were gained from that.

Walter A. McDougall’s history of the Space Age examines that aspiration and finds lurking in the background a will to control nature.  Control of nature underlies 20th and 21st century space exploration much as the Renaissance Hermeticists used “magic” to achieve that control.

In sum, there is a very strong arrogance that permeates culture in the West with roots deep into the Protestant Reformation, emigration of Puritans to America, and the influence of scientific discovery.

Most of us who have interesting toys do not store them in closets. Elon Musk is an example. Musk is planning to launch a mission to Mars by 2022.

His “space company” is designed to try to advance rocket technology to enable humanity to become a space-based civilization.

Musk thinks big and is concerned about the future of mankind.

Yet that future cannot be experienced except through concepts common in our time. Those concepts include issues of sustainable energy, global warming, population growth and technological progress.

Listening to Musk in a YouTube interview reveals a modern, scientific, man unhindered by theology, philosophy or a sense of human limits.

Unfortunately, Musk was preceded by thinkers similarly motivated to control nature. The Renaissance Hermeticists developed a view of magic as a means to predict the future and control nature. You can read about them in Frances Yates’ study of Giordano Bruno or in my long out-of-print The Development of Political Theory and in a chapter from that study published at

The history of Renaissance magic is part of a long tradition of attempts to free us from our humanity in the realization that we are gods. We are not, of course, and aspiring to transcend our mortality in flights to Mars is the height of arrogance.


Kristallnacht is Coming

May 31, 2020

On two days in November 1938, National Socialist (NAZI) paramilitary broke the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings and synagogues. Called Kristallnacht”  from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets, this form of radical activism is universally condemned as evil.

It is clear that this lesson was not learned by American “Progressives” who promote the Democrat Party’s campaign for return of control of the United States government by generating hundreds of Kristallnachts like those that occurred this past weekend.

This form of coordinated agitation began on January 21, 2017, the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, using a form of “direct action” advocated by Vladimir Lenin.

Lenin’s “What is to be Done?” (1902) outlined the methods that Russian “Bolscheviks” believed would achieve a successful revolution in Czarist Russia. His methods included a) maintaining large non-Party organizations with mass membership controlled by Communists; b) concentration on agitation of single ideas to foment discontent; and c) organized activism aimed at “the masses,” not exclusively the “proletariat.”

In America today, a plenitude of such organizations are directing the Democrat’s return to power including “Black Lives Matter,” “Me Too,” a series of demonstrations called the “Women’s March” and groups of violence- prone activists called ANTIFA. We first saw their handiwork in riots in Seattle twenty-one years ago.

In Seattle, the Mayor and police chief were caught off guard with calamitous consequences during a World Trade Organization meeting as masked “anarchists” smashed windows, sprayed graffiti and damaged patrol cars. Political naiveté of public officials and news “journalists” who side with protestors were key ingredients back then, in Charlottesville two years ago and in Minneapolis, Manhattan, Baltimore, Portland and a dozen other cities in the past two days.

Anarchism was called an “infantile disorder” by Lenin who understood that real revolutions are carried out by organized revolutionaries. The intent of anarchists is to disrupt civil society by violence that leads to  use of force by police or military that calls the legitimacy of “the State” into question.

Disruption of public order by ANTIFA is designed to bring down civil society by agitation and propaganda directed against American “fascism.” The Fascism of Mussolini and Hitler were characterized by militant paramilitary commands. Italian paramilitary commands wore “brown” shirts as did Hitler’s Sturmabteilung.

ANTIFA activists dress in “black.”

The death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police is a pretext for disrupting civil society, indictment and conviction for the crime of murder by the policemen, and reform of police training. Collaborating with ANTIFA are ill-educated “journalists” who never read a word of Lenin, and hiding behind the First Amendment, actively promote “Progressive” ideas and hatred of the Republican Party and President Donald Trump..

The “democratic socialism” that motivates “ANTIFA” activists is a carefully crafted ideology with roots in the practice of tactics advocated by Lenin.

This form of political activism is rooted in Communist  Ideology with links to the Mid-West Academy in Chicago where a young community organizer, Barack Obama, taught socialist activists how to engage in “community action.”  Representative “movements” inspired by this Marxist call for agitation and propaganda are “Occupy Wall Street,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Me-Too” and now “ANTIFA.”

This method requires exacerbating divisions in American politics  by fostering “movements” designed to attract a response from equally unrestrained opponents.

Interviews with anti-Fascist activists calling themselves “ANTIFA”, dressed in black and their faces covered to protect their anonymity, indicate that some form of Communist ideology–called “Democratic Socialism”–is being taught to impressionable high school and college students.

Major media and American universities and colleges are the two main institutions by which the Left controls not only the dialogue, but also places its minions in positions where that influence can be expanded.  Look for a high school or college teacher, if you see bad behavior by young high school or college students.

Michael Isaacson is an extreme example, but symbolic of attitudes of trained “academics”  that inhabit what James Piereson calls the “Left University.”  On December 5, 2017, Dr. Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, and I, gave presentations on this subject that was Webcast.

Tomorrow,  I’ll explain how this “Kingdom of the Progressive Left,” which has had more than a century to capture the main institutions of American society and politics, can be defeated.


After Trump Comes Civil War

May 28, 2020

Unlike the successors of Woodrow Wilson, Presidents Harding and Coolidge, who placed the economy on a firm footing of tax reduction and limits on government spending, the successors of the New Deal continued the growth of the administrative state.  And they pursued the values of International law and organizations, to the detriment of the American national interest

Presidents Nixon, Ford, Bush 41 and Bush 43 were “Internationalists” with few difference between them and Democrat Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Carter and Obama.

At the end of the Bush 43 administration, the limited government “brand” of the Republican Party had been asphyxiated by deficit spending and foreign wars. All the Republicans seeking the Party’s nomination for President in 2016–excepting Rand Paul and Donald Trump—were drinking the “W” “Kool Aid.”

In the case of Rand Paul, his limited government philosophy was founded on Lockean Enlightenment principles, not on philosophic truth discovered by Aristotle.

Inexplicable, however are the origins of Donald Trump’s ideas.

We struggle to find their origins, what we find are ideas that they were fashioned from 1959 to 1964  when Trump  was a 17 year old cadet at New York Military academy–and by Trump’s dyslexia.

Because reading is difficult for Donald Trump, many of his ideas are throwbacks to nearly sixty years ago–the world of the mid-1960s–and from later ideas from which he was immunized because he has difficulty reading.  Thus the effects of drinking the “Internationalist” and Neo-Neoconservative “Kool Aid” offered at influential “Think Tanks,” like AEI, and which Presidents  Bush 41 and Bush 43 drank, were missed by Donald Trump.

His anti-immigration policies can be traced to a Conservative MP, Enoch Powell and to his Military Academy instructors who introduced the young cadet to Friedrich Nietzsche and the importance of ‘Will to Power.’

Trump’s nationalism was influenced by Stephen Bannon who counters “Globalism” with traditional views of nation-states.

Trump’s Protectionism and the application Tariffs on trade may be traced to Peter Novarro, an emeritus professor of Business at University of California–Irvine, and expert on trade with China which was the subject of his 2006 book, The Coming China Wars.   

What is missing in his philosophy of government is an appreciation of the limits that the Constitution of the United States placed on the Executive Branch. Missing in his personal life are the basic teachings of Christianity, and lacking in his governance of his Office is any understanding of why the long history of the United States affirms civilian control of the American government.

When President Trump uses the military salute at Arlington, appoints Generals and Admirals to top civilian posts and expresses unlimited confidence in the powers of “the State,” we realize that President Trump will leave the Republican Party of limited government so battered and defensive that it will die from lack of new leaders, and a United States of America dominated by the Administrative State to such an extent that revolution and civil war are real possibilities.


Biden will win, but

May 27, 2020

Last year, I gave a presentation to a meeting of the Tidewater Libertarian Party in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Though just a local group of activists including some Republicans, stalwart Libertarians and at least one “Bircher,” the organization’s leader places these presentations online for comtemporary access by interested Republicans in Virginia. That day, I was told, a former Governor of Virginia and other Party Leaders were viewing what I had to say.

My topic: “The Meaning of Trump’s Election.”

I touched on what I called the “Pros and cons” (good, bad and ugly) aspects of Trump’s Administration, Trump’s likely Democrat opponent in 2020 and what I believe we should expect “After 2020.”

I predicted that Biden would win and choose Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his running mate largely because of the 2018 election results that gave control of the U.S. House of Representatives to Nancy Pelosi. I concluded that, after two years of Trump’s antics, he had disappointed female Republican voters in suburbs of major cities, and that would be the end of Trump’s “hostile takeover” of the Republican Party.

A year later, I would qualify that prediction with a big “But.”

The reason: Biden is senile and clearly not up to the responsibilities of office, if he were elected.

But, Trump presents other concerns. He had no previous political experience and is driven by personal egotistic. and other spiritual disorders, that he has transferred to the body politic. “The fish putrefies from the top,” and like a dead fish, the stench of this President is offensive.

Afflicted by dyslexia, and finding reading difficult, Trump was kicked out of undergraduate school at Fordham and landed at Wharton where he barely passed because he could “read” numbers.

What Trump Administration policies there are may be traced to what he learned as a young cadet at New York Military Academy which, a former student told me, was dominated by bullies from Queens, New York.

There he learned respect for career military and, if you watch videos of Trump’s appearance at Arlington Cemetery this past Memorial Day, you’ll notice that he is the only civilian official giving a military salute. As President, he is Commander and Chief, and he takes that very seriously. Though at best he avoided service in Vietnam, at worst Trump was a draft dodger who became General of the U.S. Military.

The number of General and Flag Officers Trump has appointed to important adminiatrative positions is ominous, as is his desire to hold a military parade in Washington equal to France’s celebration of Bastille Day.  To top this off, when Trump announced his “Warp Speed” plan to develop a vaccine to counter Covid-19, Trump chose “General Gustave Perna, currently in charge of the Army’s readiness as head of the Army Materiel Command, will be the chief operating officer.”

I’m sorry, that focus worries me, but

And that’s when a year makes a difference. If Biden’s senility becomes obvious, Trump will win and that brings me to a subject of great importance that I will explore tomorrow. What happens, after Trump.



Mail Ballots: Trump is Right

May 27, 2020

Mail ballots, despite the commentary of our “white glove” media elites, will lead to massive vote fraud.

Historically, political majorities stay in power by stealing votes.

The Richard Daley “machine” in Chicago stayed in power by rigging elections and today Democrat “pols” in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia do that for a living,

Rigging voting machines, intimidation of poll watchers, and paying voters with “walking around” money are art forms perfected by politicians of both Parties. Don’t believe it? Ask Ed Rollins.

I know.  I worked the polls while in college and saw bags of money paid to dissident labor leaders, giving of cash to derelicts (and swigs of whiskey) and more. Democrats and Republicans do it. Richard Mellon Scaife once delivered a suitcase with $40,000 in cash to GOP county headquarters.

In my hometown of Pittsburgh, Democrats have been in control of city of Pittsburgh government longer than Finland was subservient to the Soviet Union. No population of voters is that stupid; they’re paid to be stupid.

Those commentators pooh-poohing Trump for alleging that vote fraud will become greater if mail ballots are authorized should take off those “white gloves” and spend some time walking the precincts of Philadelphia where Mayor Jim Kenny won by 80% last year.

Eighty percent? In America?  Yes, if you rig elections.