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CNN Gulled by Antifa

August 18, 2019

Yesterday afternoon, a CNN reporter conducted an interview with two representatives of Antifa.  The male and female reps were wearing helmets, black uniforms and masks. When asked “Why the masks?” the female Antifa soldier said she didn’t want people to know who she was or where she lived.

Both soldiers were in their early 20s, most likely college educated, and totally ignorant of what the Antifa “movement” represents. If I were to guess, I would say they grew up in an affluent suburb on the East coast, attended a good private school or a public school in places like Scarsdale, NY or Park Ridge, NJ and attended an expensive private college like Lehigh or UC-Berkeley where some professors are known for how much they hate America. That bias is so prevalent that James Piereson coined the term “Left University” to describe it and Dr. Peter Wood and I gave presentations on this subject that was Webcast.

There were two notable aspects of yesterday’s interview on CNN. First, the CNN reporter was ignorant of what Antifa represents and second, AT&T that owns WarnerMedia and CNN, hasn’t a clue about how to manage a balanced news service.

In order to understand Antifa, and Anarchist groups like them, CNN’s reporter should have done a little digging into past events. Even CNN attempted to explain Antifa to its viewers in July. But, a more professional research effort would have taken this CNN reporter to the 1999 riots against the World Trade Organization. There in Seattle, the Mayor and police chief were caught off guard with calamitous consequences as masked “anarchists” smashed windows, sprayed graffiti and damaged patrol cars. Political naiveté of public officials and news “journalists” who side with protestors were key ingredients back then, in Charlottesville last year and today in Portland.

Anarchism was called an “infantile disorder” by Lenin who understood that real revolutions are carried out by organized revolutionaries. The intent of anarchists is to disrupt civil society by violence that leads to  use of force by police or military that calls the legitimacy of “the State” into question.

Disruption of public order by Antifa is designed to bring down civil society and State power leading to authoritarian rule where anarchists may attract support they lack today.

Antifa propaganda is directed against “fascism,” but the Fascism of Mussolini and Hitler were characterized by militant paramilitary commands. Italian paramilitary commands wore “brown” shirts as did Hitler’s Sturmabteilung.

CNN’s reporter should have asked where these two young people were indoctrinated in the ideology they ignorantly espouse. Perhaps friends or family of these naive young people may intervene before they or others are injured.

We should place the blame on this lack of professional reporting on AT&T that owns CNN and the teachers of the two Antifa reps who indoctrinated them in high school or college in this infantile disorder.




When a Political System Collapses

August 16, 2019

The traditional pool of GOP candidates for President includes current and former governors and U.S. Senators. Some who sought the nomination in 2016 might have a shot at election in 2024, but none have chosen to challenge President Trump in 2020–except former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

Putting aside the usual obstacles to running a campaign for President, and adjusting for obstacles to challenging an incumbent from your own Party, there are good reasons to join Mark Sanford in challenging President Trump.

  1. Trump is going to lose the 2020 election.
  2. Trump doesn’t represent the Republican Party.
  3. Trump’s administration of the government left the GOP with little to no new talent that has acquired political experience that gives status for future candidacy.
  4. Trump’s spending has put U.S. solvency at risk.
  5. Trump has ignored the danger of the burden of Entitlements.
  6. Trump’s “grand standing” foreign policy has failed to design a working national security policy.
  7. There is a need for a third Party, one called a “New Republican Party.”

Of all those who sought the office of President in 2016, only Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz could challenge President Trump for six of these reasons and wrap their challenge in a call for a “New Republican Party.”

Gov. Scott Walker and Gov. Rick Perry are terminal “Local” politician lacking the intellect to go beyond State politics. Gov. Chris Christie is a Liberal from New Jersey and former Gov. Mike Huckabee is a Liberal from Arkansas. Sen. Marco Rubio is smitten by Neoconservatism and would do better if he were a Democrat. Sen. John Kasich wants to revive “Big Government” republicanism. Finally, Ben Carson is too inexperienced

Only Jeb Bush could make an effective challenge but he is a member of the family that destroyed the Republican brand. All this signifies the collapse of the American Party system.


U.S. Response to PRC suppression

August 14, 2019

When conditions are right, totalitarian regimes implode. The demise of the Soviet Union occurred peacefully. Will the demise of the People’s Republic of China occur any time soon and will that event be peaceful.

I hope that National Security Advisor has formed a group to assess events in Hong Kong and their implications.

If past is prologue, Xi Jinping will use force to break up riots in Hong Kong. If that occurs, the United States must act forcefully by restricting trade with the PRC.

Totalitarian aspects of PRC domestic policy are beyond remedy by outside forces, but pressures for better living conditions, food, apartments, education, travel, web access and religious freedom eat at the PRC’s ability to control domestic events. The PRC needs trade and that dependency should lead to restrictions on U.S. trade with the PRC to affect policies, real or imagined, by the PRC’s leadership.

Our first priority should be to use trade to compel the PRC to constrain North Korea.

Our second priority is to protect South Korea, Japan and the Republic of China on Taiwan.

Those two strategic purposes should guide U.S./PRC relations.

Lock Him Up!

August 9, 2019

Congressional Republicans from Illinois have issued a joint statement asking President Trump not to commute the sentence of former Governor Rod Blagojevich  

Convicted and sentenced for fourteen years for attempting to sell appointment to the vacant seat of Sen. Barack Obama, former Governor Rod Blagojevich has served seven years in prison.

We’re living in a period when politics has become very ugly and cries of “Lock’er up” directed at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are joined by efforts to convict President Trump for misdeeds after he leaves office.

This desire for retribution must stop.

Hillary Clinton lost a Presidential election, for God’s sake. That is punishment enough.

Seven years in prison for Governor Blagojevich are more than enough.

And the idea that President Trump’s enemies will pursue him after he leaves office is foolish. It would be safer to enter a lion’s cage at the National Zoo than to threaten Donald Trump when he is in office.

Let it pass.


Lifelong Training vs. Lifelong Education

August 8, 2019

The Times of London has entered the field of “education” reporting with a commercial, fee-based “”news service” that the Times calls “Times Higher Education.”

Today’s “Times Higher Education” features a comprehensive examination of what Anna McKie calls “Lifelong Learning.” McKie’s essay covers a lot of ground here in the United States and in the UK that is worth reading.  As a catalogue of efforts from something Amazon calls “Machine Learning” to the University of New Hampshire’s aggressive marketing of online degree programs to efforts in Norway.

As with many journalistic efforts to comprehend higher education, Ms. McKie fails to define her terms. What she calls “Lifelong Learning” is really what we call “Continuing  Education.” But even that concept is “off” by a mile because what passes for “Education” today is really a form of “Training.”

Training  to sustain employment is quite different from voluntary,  self- study, of subjects in the Humanities such as English Literature or classical philosophy.  At Yorktown University we found resistance to the pursuit of knowledge in itself that led me to believe that a program of that sort would be very difficult to sustain as a commercial, for profit, venture.

Competing with our human desire for knowledge are family obligations,  the need to make a living, maintaining good health and other pressing concerns that simply overwhelm our very human desire to “know.” We also find that we prefer to “learn” with others. So, we may join a Book Club or sign up for a non-degree course at a local university. But, few are those who go it alone via what Amazon inelegantly calls “Machine Learning”–unless it is employment related and some form of compensation is tied to the effort.

THAT is what McKie’s essay is about and it fits a very strong need for us in the United States, a need to replace our very high cost college and university “training” programs with low cost employer sponsored “training.” So, the insight that perhaps businesses are better suited to offer this type of “training” is a radical idea that strikes at the income stream of the higher education Cartel that is based on LBJ’s 1965 tuition loan program.

That system has driven the cost of college degree programs to levels most education “consumers” must go into debt to obtain, which suggests that, like the war in Vietnam that LBJ pursued,  his “Title IV” student loan program of 1965 was destructive of  many human lives, many more than were lost in Vietnam.  Lives of students and the parents who support them financially are being destroyed by the current system of American higher education.

If so, this is a very sad development that for more than half a century has dumbed-down and thrown millions of college students into penury. A solution–and there are many–requires abandoning  tuition loans to pay for students earning college degrees–and working with medium to large size employers to offer employees “training” for specific skills.

Return “education” to its original purpose of discovery and the attaining of knowledge and disseminate “training” outside the Academy where it can be offered at much lower cost. That is my argument that I wrote about in 2017 and which I have preached to audiences, including the Heartland Institute, that are interested.

Totalitarian Media & President Trump

August 7, 2019

We associate totalitarianism with images of military marching in “lock step” in Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, North Korea and the People’s Republic of China. In light of two brutal acts of violence in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio we see major media marching in lock step analysis of President Donald Trump as the source of white nationalism and “racism.”

It is certainly true that President Trump is following the lead of a 20th century member of Britain’s Conservative Party, Enoch Powell, whose influence was magnified by his attack on Indian and African immigrants from former British possessions whose British citizenship entitled them to Britain’s medical system, council housing and government employment.  White, Anglo-Saxons, resented these immigrants and responded favorably to Enoch Powell’s radical oratory.

Donald Trump played the “Enoch Powell” card in the 2016 Presidential election and attracted the votes in key States from white Americans, largely registered Democrats, resentful that government entitlements were now directed toward racial minorities. That resentment was not new. When desegregation of de jure segregation by race in public schools, affirmed in Brown v. Board of Education (1954), was applied to de facto segregation in public schools, white residents moved from inner cities to suburban areas where they knew that their children would not be bused to public schools with African American majorities.  This new emigration of “urban ethnics” from American cities to the suburbs led to growth of Republican dominance in American suburbs and, ultimately, national Republican electoral successes.

President Trump is gambling that the “Enoch Powell” tactic will work again in 2020 just as it did in 2016. This ploy is so obvious that no major media print, broadcast or cable television media has connected President Trump to Enoch Powell.

Instead American major media reports that President Trump is a racist and supporter of white nationalism. They act in lock step with the practices of totalitarians from Nazi Germany, North Korea and the People’s Republic of China.

Communist China’s Coming Collapse

August 6, 2019

Yesterday’s drop in the New York Stock Exchange index should be watched closely. Is this the beginning of a “run” on the stock market or a minor correction.

Much depends on U.S. trade policy toward the People’s Republic of China.

For now, it seems that we’re watching a “tit for tat” exchange between President Trump and Xi Jinping with President Trump betting that the PRC will “cave.”

There’s something to be said for that, if you view riots in Hong Kong as representative of discontent on the Mainland. The Chinese people have been suppressed since 1949 by a 19th century ideology turned totalitarian in the 20th century. The leaders of the United States continued mistaken policies of accommodation starting with Richard Nixon followed by Jimmy Carter through George H. W. Bush and led to a misjudgment of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.

Deng Xiaoping’s brutal suppression of freedom demonstrators should have led to reversal of the opening of trade with the PRC and confinement of the Communist Party of the PRC to “stew” in its own totalitarian juices.

Sixty years ago, few expected the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, a short thirty years, and today we should not forget how quickly “Thousand Year” regimes can implode.

Xi Jinping understands that, and President Trump’s gamble that Xi will “blink” may pay off. In the long term, however, would it not be better to reverse our trade policy with the PRC, absorb what is an inevitable collapse of the stock market and watch as totalitarianism collapses in a last outpost of Marxist dreams?

We will pay a terrible price, if the people in China do not throw off this terrible yoke, and we should prepare now for the inevitable.