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Who’s Good in Media Today?

October 23, 2016

Every political or economic or Evangelical conservative knows which members of the Media are biased. I have my own list that includes Mika Brzezinski, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo and all those “journalists” cited in Wiki Leaks for sharing debate questions in advance with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

We know who they are and avoid watching them.

But, who’s good?

I have a short, very short, list of good Media professionals that includes John King, CNN’s National Political Journalist, Tucker Carlson, Fox and Friends Weekend, Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday and, well, that’s about it.

This Wednesday Tucker Carlson will appear at the Norfolk forum, founded in 1933, in Norfolk, Virginia. He will be paired with John Carville, probably one of the best liars in politics today, even better than Bill Clinton.

Norfolk, Virginia is located at the tip of the Virginia Peninsula where much Patriot blood was spilled to wrest control of our country from the English Crown. During the French Revolution, aristocrats often fled France to Norfolk. They brought with them their Catholic faith and Norfolk has a large Catholic population. The 2010 census found that Norfolk was 47% white and 43% African American. Many of those African Americans are Catholic.

Norfolk has a large military population serving the Norfolk Naval base, the deepest port in the world, and the Naval Amphibious Base at Little Creek. For that reason, it is highly likely that Tucker Carlson will score big in his contest with Lyin’ John because, in the world of conservative Media, Carlson is the real thing.

One morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, Carlson got into a dust-up with a woman panelist. Three hours later, Fox News conducted an interview with the same panel, but with a different Anchor. He has been seen to take on Mara Liasson, NPR’s faux conservative, and to speak forcefully against being fearful of ISIS attacks in the United States. “We’re Americans, we can take it,” he said. He is also a young 47 and is likely to be around even if Fox News under Rupert Murdoch’s sons “goes south” on conservatives.

As for Carville, well, what can you say? He’s made a good living trying to cover up the scandals, deceits, and lies of Bill and Hillary Clinton and he is an astute student of politics. He’ll have some insights into the outcome of the Presidential election on November 8, but little to say about public policy of the Hillary Clinton Administration. He isn’t interested in policy. Politics is about personalities and Carville’s is as big a personality as they come.

How Many Conservative Scholars?

October 21, 2016

For a very long time, it was common knowledge that, if you wanted to become educated, you must study with someone who is educated. To some extent, that is true also if you want to avoid become spiritually, politically, or culturally disordered by Political Correctness that dominates what Jim Piereson calls  the Left University.

Consider that there are more than 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States and many, many, scholars who teach at those institutions.

One study by George Mason University researchers found that, at most, the ratio of Democrats to Republicans in the Humanities was 8 to 1. In Sociology and Anthropology that ratio was 20 to 1.

Believe me, it gets worse.

In states dominated by Democrats–like Oregon–one of our colleagues conducted a survey of Faculty at the University of Oregon in Eugene.  He found that political diversity was absent in Departments that deal with political or cultural issues.

At the University of Oregon–with more than 22,000 students–the Departments of Economics, Political Science and Planning, Public Policy and Management had zero (0) Republican Faculty.

The remaining Departments had only three Republicans!

This link will take you to which reports that “things began changing in the 1990’s as the Greatest Generation (which had a fair number of Republicans) retired and were replaced by the Baby Boom generation (which did not). …In the 15 years between 1995 and 2010 the academy went from leaning left to being almost entirely on the left.”

How many conservative scholars and writers are there today?

Well, now we know, at least, how many conservative scholars and writers are willing to sign their names to petitions for and against Donald Trump.

Scholars against Trump     Scholars for Trump

Trump Nation

October 20, 2016

Sometimes, when in a relationship, a business venture or a long trip, you just know that “things” will go badly. There may be reasons for thinking that, or you just “sense” that the outcome will not be good.

That’s what we sensed about Donald Trump’s campaign for the GOP nomination for President. And last night when Donald Trump refused to say that he would accept the Presidential election result, we figured it out.

During the primary campaign, Trump frequently made statements that would come back to haunt him. His lack of preparation for a Presidential election bid was obvious. Trump never became a student of national security, economic or any other policies about which he was expected to know something..

Trump never organized a professional campaign organization and Trump simply expected the Republican National Committee to perform functions that a Presidential campaign was expected to organize and perform..

If I made a list of everything you would have to do to win elective office, the first thing on that list would be to keep your personal life immaculately clean. Don’t run for office after you have divorced your wife and don’t make lewd or profane public statements that are recorded and can and will be used against you.

In other words, Donald Trump did everything wrong except touch a nerve with the electorate on illegal immigration and trade agreements that moved American manufacturing jobs to low wage countries.

You have to give Trump credit since his opponents were parroting GOP policies crafted by President George W. Bush. Trump was fearlessly critical of “W.”  That literally handed the GOP nomination to Trump so he could–what?

Attempt to win election as President?

Last night we learned that Trump’s real purpose is to create something we can call “Trump Nation,” a coalition of American citizens who hold deep grievances that can be marshaled into a formidable fount of permanent opposition.

So, though Trump’s journey to the White House will end badly, and he has forced a break with the Internationalist wing of the GOP that will compel realignment of the American Party system, he really wasn’t intending to be elected, he was intending to create a nation of Trump supporters whose grievances can be massaged into a new political force..

“Trump Nation” assures that the real campaign for power begins after November 8 and will engage all Americans for more than a decade unless, of course, our foreign enemies–Russia, the People’s Republic of China and Iran–strike first.

Shame on You, Senator Warner!

October 19, 2016

In the early Republic, according to an analysis of the Heritage Foundation, Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the U.S. Constitution grants the national government the power to engage in road building.  Infrastructure “investments” are “Constitutional.”

Today, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Mark Warner, U.S. Senator from Virginia, was asked what can be done by Congress after the election to bring a divided country back together.

Sen. Warner replied, “Infrastructure investment.”

In other words, grow the federal deficit by spending on building and repairing roads, bridges, airports and highways.

You don’t have to believe in God to know that Sen. Warner’s proposal will appeal to every “Big Spender” in Congress and further separate limited government conservatives from the Republican Party.

Instead of lowering personal income taxes and marginal tax rates; instead of freeing entrepreneurs from burdensome federal regulations and instead of freeing up capital markets by repealing the restriction of 1935 that made it illegal for non-accredited investors to invest in non-registered securities, let’s spend three or four trillion dollars on building that “bridge to nowhere,” building that new tunnel, replacing LaGuardia, JFK and LAX airports with new ones equal to those in the People’s Republic of China, formerly known as “Communist China.”

And why not expand the Interstate Highway System begun during the Eisenhower Administration?

The answer is simple.

The United States today is broke. It is not the United States of 1946–seventy years ago–empowered by victory in World War II and enjoying the spoils of war for a generation to come.

We do need better airports–I will not fly to or from LaGuardia–and we do need a third tunnel to connect Hampton Roads in Virginia to Richmond, and we do need to improve the seventy six year old Pennsylvania Turnpike, but each of those projects can be constructed by the private sector.

Sell the Pennsylvania Turnpike to infrastructure companies in Australia, Spain and other countries where public transportation, water and sewer services, and even airports are privately owned..

But, no.  We will all come together in January 2017 and burden the children of our grandchildren with additional debt that takes from them their livelihood and takes away their freedom from “the state.”

Shame on you Sen. Warner!


Voter Fraud?

October 18, 2016

In his own madcap way, Donald Trump has overturned a stone and found lots of worms. Trump’s warning that the Presidential election of 2016 will be rigged has so many over and undertones that it is hard to know how to explain what Trump wants us to believe.

Does he mean that the outcome of this Presidential election will be decided by voter fraud? Or is he railing against a system of national media so biased toward the Left that the average voter never hears what a Republican nominee proposes for the country?

With respect to the prevalence of voter fraud, we’re told by New York University’s Brennan Center that it is very rare.


John Fund has made voter fraud a pet project and by searching the Web for “John Fund + Voter Fraud” turns up a dozen citations including references to two books on voter fraud by John Fund.

None other than Edward Rollins, campaign manager and now Fox News commentator, was accused of buying the votes of African Americans with “walking around money.”

Does anyone think that Mayor Daley didn’t steal votes?

Or what about vote buying in West Virginia by John F. Kennedy that secured JFK’s election victory in 1960?

I’m not a politician or campaign manager, but in my Freshman year I worked for Richard Nixon in the 1960 Presidential campaign and learned how it’s done.

The manager of the office for the county Republican Party asked me to go along with him. He drove into a rural area of the county, stopped the car, reached for a bag from the back seat, and left the car to give the bag to a person standing in an open field.

I was to be witness that the bag was delivered. What was in the bag. Money for a dissident union leader to be used for buying votes.

On election day I was instructed in how to buy votes.

We picked up some people from a Ward where derelicts were common and gave them a marked paper ballot. They were instructed to enter the polling place, get a clean ballot, drop the marked ballot in the ballot box and return with a clean ballot. When that was done we paid them in cash and invited them to have a drink from any of the dozen whisky bottles in the trunk of the car.

Several years later, I learned that a very prominent multi-millionaire in the county delivered a suitcase with unreported cash for the Republican Party to use against a candidate for the U.S. Senate whom he despised.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny won election by 85.1% of the vote. Federal agents have requested “documents” from Jim Kenny’s mayoral campaign.

Now, if voter fraud has occurred in the past, why will it not occur today?

Of course, it will, if ballot fraud is necessary in key states that may go to Donald Trump–Ohio, Florida and North Carolina are likely prospects.





Bob Dylan

October 14, 2016

Bob Dylan is recognized as “the” most accomplished musician by his peers. Even Pope John Paul II, a survivor of Soviet communist domination of Poland, is known to have admired Dylan and attended the 23rd Italian National Eucharistic Congress in Bologna in 1997 where Dylan performed.

Dylan’s lyrics touched several generations, but especially the 60s generation with such songs as “The Times They Are a-Changin’,” “Blowin’ in the Wind,” and “Mr Tambourine Man,” songs that are evocative of feelings of my generation of college students facing compulsory service in the Vietnam War, a political system experiencing a Presidential assassination and his corrupt successor.

My cohorts on the Right were conservative and we sought advanced degrees, possibly to escape the carnage of American life that was the consequence of our cohorts on the Left who went to the streets. The riots in Chicago during the Democrat National Convention in 1968 were a high–and low–watermark of those times.

Fifty-thousand plus young people’s names are inscribed on the wall of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. Every one of those persons listened to Bob Dylan and understood what he was saying.

With that in mind, one time in 2007, I went on a fundraising trip by car that took me from Virginia to Pennsylvania and to New York city. I decided to take a book of Dylan’s “Bootleg” series of CDs and listened to them for mile after mile. I came to the conclusion that Dylan was a loner. Unlike his contemporaries, only two or three songs were accompanied by a chorus.

Maybe that was necessary for Dylan’s artful rendering of our thoughts, but I decided that on my next trip I would listen to CDs of Dolly Parton.

A Conservative Party?

October 13, 2016

A colleague from the early days of the Conservative Movement, now living in Colorado, has sent me a video alleging that Bill Clinton raped a child. That video competes with videos and reports of The Donald about which we all have heard or seen.  Whether there is enough dirt on Clinton to nudge the voters to vote for The Donald is anyone’s guess.

But, at least during the Clinton Administration there was an historical response—the Contract with America–that led to GOP control of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in forty years..

If Hillary wins, however, the GOP will be engaged in a fratricidal fight with the outcome achieved not less than a decade later.

What should we do?

There are significant numbers of voters for whom a limited government—Contract with America–program is appealing, but all those walking away from Trump are another faction within the GOP.  The two sides cannot and will not come together.

So, during the next five to ten years, we need to work to organize a national Conservative Party—or gain control of one that already exists—and build support so that we may compete in the coming multi-party system where many elections to come may be decided in the House of Representatives.

I lived in New York for many years, registered as a Republican, but voted for Conservative Party candidates. Something like that is needed today on a national scale. The persons who take leadership now, when all seems lost, will become the leaders of our country by 2022.

Who may those leaders be? A good place to start may be the nine founding members of the Freedom Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rep. Scott Garrett       Rep. Jim Jordan,       Rep. John Fleming

Rep. Justin Amash      Rep. Raúl Labrador  Rep. Mick Mulvaney 

Rep. Ron DeSantis     Rep. Mark Meadows