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The Coming Democrat Party Crackup

June 15, 2021

With slim majorities in the House and Senate—but carried by hurricane forces pushing the Biden Administration Leftward–objective observers of American politics wonder in astonishment.

By-elections do not favor the Party in power and some are “blow outs” like the loss of 60 Democrat House seats in 2010 and the loss of 33 House seats in 2018 that gave control of the House to Democrats and pointed toward Trump’s failed bid for reelection in 2020.

A similar “trend line” for Biden in 2022 suggests significant Republican gains in the House and gains in 34 contested Senate seats.

If so, then why is the Biden administration advocating programs rooted in “Progressive” ideology instead of public opinion?

Biden’s “Infrastructure” legislation looks the way an alcoholic acts when entering a drinking establishment. His call for tax increases flies in the face of public opinion that favors the status quo. Support for minority interests protected by Senate “filibusters” is strong and the electorate solidly supports caution in foreign policy and principled policies in the national interest.

The Biden Administration, however, is “tone deaf” to that and that raises questions about the President’s advanced age.

This Administration’s Progressive lurch does not lie in its “heady youth.” Rather that lurch is due to the far-Left beliefs of Barack Obama and those who flocked to serve in his Administration. They are directing the Democrats to an electoral and cultural “crack up.”

After Trump, Who and What?

June 13, 2021

I’ve asked this question six times before:

Donald Trump had no feelings of allegiance to George H. W. and George W. Bush. As an “outsider” he brought to the Presidential election of 2016 a sense that American voters were ready for a change. His nationalism was refreshing as were his opposition to Big Government policies of President Barack Obama. A “Tea Party” movement favored lower taxes and Donald Trump was okay with that.

What Trump lacked was experience in government and that led to his failure to understand that the agencies of the administrative State need to be controlled by hand-picked nominees who shared Trump’s principles. Until that was done, these agencies were controlled by career bureaucrats with their own agenda.

Donald Trump realized late in his fourth year in office that the administrative State was running the government, not President Trump. But by then it was too late.

Government cannot be run like a business and the skills of businessmen are not tailored to the tasks of government administration.

Because successful businessmen tend to avoid partisan politics, they know little about how government operates. That was Donald Trump’s error. By staffing his Administration with ex-Generals, Trump merely exacerbated his problems, and that led to loss of control of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018, two votes to Impeach in the House and Trump’s failure to be re-elected in 2020.

President Joe Biden is challenged by old age and will cede power to a successor by 2024, if not sooner.

Former President Trump is facing too many tax related charges in New York and by 2023 will be facing Federal charges that will challenge him as well.

Unfortunately there are no immediate successors in the GOP to former President Trump. Running his Administration like a family business assured that none served in appointive office in the Trump Administration who could step forward to replace him. Vice President Pence may seek the nomination in 2024, if Donald Trump is indicted. And Mike Pompeo is ambitious but is not a Party favorite.

If not they, who will lead?

Thank You!

June 12, 2021

Dear Colleague:

This is a letter of thanks for donations in response to a recent request for a tax exempt donation in support of three programs of vital importance!

We usually place content first and only later think about marketing. Fortunately we began with more than 5,000 active email addresses and have used “Substack” to send messages to that database.  Our current total is 4,589 active addresses.

We will now open a Facebook marketing account by depositing your donation to alert the greater universe of internet viewers about the following three programs:

1. Webcasts on the theme “Loss of Country” that examine how countries can be “lost.” We established our own channel at YouTube and will now conduct a Zoom interview about the loss of France with Dr. Jack Tierney. France was mortally injured by World War I and was conquered by totalitarian Nazi Germany in World War II.  We recently celebrated the anniversary of “D Day” and mourned the losses of brave young men in that battle and many thousands more as Allied forces slowly battled through the French countryside. But France was injured and Dr. Jack Tierney will examine those wounds that are felt even today.

2. We conducted a Zoom discussion that examined why and how the character of America has been changed by well-intentioned “statesmen” from 1885 through WW I.  We titled it  “Civil Unrest and the Administrative State” and disseminated a “podcast” of that event. Participating were two distinguished conservative scholars Dr. Angelo Codevilla and Dr. Christopher Manion

3. We’ve introduced another theme that examines narrative fiction as a means of relating fiction to conditions in civil society.  

Here is how  I described the rationale for this series:

As the United States undergoes transition from one President who advocated the American national interest to a successor who emphasizes global responsibility, we can look to fiction—novels—for leaders, “heroes” even, that are invisible in American politics. We need “heroes”–even imagined Epic Heroes.

You can read more at this link to “Writing and the National Interests”    

Once that theme was established, we posted a “podcast” under the title “Novels by Political Conservatives.”

All this is impressive because none of the participants in these events receive compensation, not even our graphic designer.

But now we must focus marketing these programs at Facebook.  

We’d like to budget our Facebook marketing at $1,000 and of that amount we have donations of $350.

You can help us “make budget” by making a tax exempt donation: Please go to

Thanks very much for considering this request!

“High Fashion” and Happiness

June 9, 2021

“Haute Couture” is enjoyed by the few who are very wealthy or influenced by couture. As a person from a working class family, what we wore had to be clean and appropriate for the occasion. At funerals a dark suit was expected.

Consequently, I wasn’t aware of the demands of “society” until 1969 when I visited Nieman Marcus in Dallas, Texas and noticed that the clothing that was for sale in Dallas was identical to what was on sale at Harrods in London.

Those items of clothing were above my class. I was outfitted at Sears and later at Bloomingdales. I didn’t make the annual trek to Paris or London to fill out my collection. I was a Republican and came to know some very wealthy people, but we shared similar ideas, not taste in clothing.

This past weekend I looked through the Wall Street Journal weekend “Magazine” and saw advertisements for jewelry by Van Cleef & Arpels nicely displayed under a branch containing eight to ten Elderberries, an advertisement for Louis Vuitton, a blouse by Hermes, a dress and handbag by Gucci and a dress by Chanel, a watch by Breguets Depuis 1775 (18 years before the execution of Marie Antoinette), another watch by Harry Winston and yet another by Omega. It wasn’t until page 21 (Tiffany) was the face of a fashion model the main focus, and on page 27 another (Grafff).

I didn’t see signs of joy or happiness in the eyes of these fashion models. The Tiffany model seemed acquisitive and the Graff model could have reported a rape. Their clothing and jewelry was expensive, however, but literally shouted “Money can’t bring you happiness.”

Still “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” which may explain why Cecil Beaton wore women’s dresses.