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MSNBC Lets Cat Out of Bag

October 19, 2018

Most mornings I watch MSNBC and CNN to see what the Progressive Left has up its sleeves. Recently, Progressives are up in arms about the murder of WAPO journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, attempts to repeal Obamacare and protection of citizens with pre-existing conditions, tax cuts that benefit the rich, and, of course, the many “sins” of President Donald Trump including his current campaign theme: ‘Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.’

But, this morning we learned something different. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle expressed consternation when she learned that Beto O’Rourke’s campaign for the U.S. Senate in Texas has not organized Hispanic voters. The reason?  Labor union members, that are the backbone of the Democrat Party in Texas, don’t want competition from Hispanic workers.

A split between support for unions and enhancing the power of Americans of Hispanic descent is destroying Beto O’Rourke’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Ms. Ruhle, who attended Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that seems to generate Leftist commentators like Ruhle, is now in contention with Mika Brzezinski for the Tokyo Rose Award for PC “journalism.”

What is it about “hidden Ivies” like Lehigh and mainline “Ivies” that they graduate Politically Correct graduates? Surely, if you’re smart enough to be admitted to Harvard, Princeton, Yale of Lehigh, you should be able to think for yourself.

Ability to pay high tuition cost is one explanation.

In the 2016-17 academic year, according to this report, tuition at Lehigh was $47,920. “The total cost of attending Lehigh as an undergraduate will now be approximately $61,010 — including tuition, typical room and board charges and the undergraduate technology fee.”  Over four years, it costs $204,000 to attend Lehigh University.  Ruhle’s family in Park Ridge, New Jersey, where the median family income is $97,294, could afford Lehigh’s tuition cost.

Is this a “class” thing? “Belonging” to your class being uppermost? Few upper class Americans joined the conservative movement in 1964 nor the Tea Party movement in 2008. That just wasn’t done.

The economy of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I grew up during the decline of the steel industry, is much improved. Annual family income in the ‘Burg is about $60,000, but old racial, ethnic and religious differences are alive and well.  I attended the University of Pittsburgh, a state-supported University, where tuition, today, is $18,130 a year to attend the undergraduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Tuition at Pitt over four years is $72,500–compared to $204,000 at Lehigh–though is high relative to public colleges in other states but, if students take out a student loan, live at home and work nights they can earn a Pitt diploma–and stay in the ‘Burg.

My guess is that students from families of high family income who leave their home towns and attend prestigious colleges like Lehigh are inclined to go along with the Progressive political views of their college teachers. We at Pitt gave them the finger.

Progressives and Civic Education

October 19, 2018

Now the Progressive Left is concerned that public schools have neglected civic education!

In The Atlantic, which like The New Yorker, Harpers, New York and other politically correct journals that attract Progressive subscribers, we can now find expression of concern about the lack of civic education.

“Public schools are failing at what the nation’s founders saw as education’s most basic purpose: preparing young people to be reflective citizens who would value liberty and democracy and resist the appeals of demagogues.”

That’s the opinion of Richard D. Kahlenberg and Clifford Janey in the November 10, 2016 issue of The Atlantic. Their essay is titled “Is Trump’s Victory the Jump-Start Civics Education Needed?”

The World War II generation were taught something called “Americanism,” but that became too patriotic for the 1960s generation who rioted against the war in Vietnam. By 1973 when the U.S. expanded military operations into Cambodia, university administrators were compelled by rioting students to removed required courses in the History of Western Civilization, Economics and American government from college curricula.

If you count four years–the time it takes to earn an undergraduate degree as a “generation”–since 1973 eleven generations of college students have not been given a civic education that prepares them for their responsibilities as citizens in a self-governing nation.

Now, even Progressives are worried that the lack of civic education has badly injured democracy in America and that the United States, according to Kahlenberg and Janey, is poised to reject “love of liberal democracy: a respect for the separation of powers, for a free press and free religious exercise, and for the rights of political minorities.”

Eighteen years ago, in response to “reforms” brought about by rioting students in the 1960s and early 1970s that had badly injured American higher education, I founded the first Internet university dedicated to teaching the history of Western civilization, American government and freedom of enterprise. You can read about it in The Coming Death and Future Resurrection of American Higher Education.

Unlike the family of Leland Stanford who founded Stanford University in 1885, wealthy American conservatives have done little to foster the growth of liberal education by founding “Templeton” University, “Scaife” University, “Koch” University, or “Mercer” University.  Most are more interested in political power, not improving higher education. Two Protestant Christian leaders are the exception and have attempted to found new universities on a scale equivalent to Stanford: Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell.  A host of other religious leaders have founded smaller religious colleges with a “Great Books” focus. Included among their numbers are Patrick Henry College, Wyoming Catholic and Thomas Aquinas college. But, this is a nation of more than 3,000 colleges and almost all do not offer required courses that educate our future leaders about their political obligations.

One of the reasons why wealthy political and social conservatives do not found their own colleges and universities may be due to their lack of knowledge about higher education. Most earned their wealth in business and business skills are very different from academic administration skills. A smart businessman will fear that the university he founded will be co-opted by the Left.  Some, like “Trump University” are mere scams, but even if you’re not a scam-artist, the higher education “business” is fraught with peril.

But, both political conservatives and Progressives realize that the absence of any required program of civic education in our colleges and universities has engendered a citizenry with no commitment to the obligations of citizenship. In my next book that I have titled American Democracy in the Era of Celebrity, I predict that the decline in American political and social culture will require that U.S. military step in to stop street violence, looting and food shortages that will occur as the decline of American civic order accelerates.

I wish this were not so but, if even Progressives are worried, we have a problem!


Sanction Mika Brzezinski

October 17, 2018

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski on “Morning Joe” today called upon the Trump White House staff to pursue the 25th Amendment “or something else.”

The 25th Amendment establishes a process for “removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation.” In high dudgeon about President Trump’s inaction in the Jamal Khashoggi affair, MSNBC’s co-anchor on “Morning Joe” urged Trump appointees to consider removing the President of the United States by means of the 25th Amendment “or something else.”

It is incumbent on MSNBC to immediately sanction Mike Brezenski for calling for the assassination of the President of the United States as an alternative to the 25th Amendment.

Return of the Marxist “Left”

October 16, 2018

Far Left Watch was founded in 2017 to track the actions of a radical movement organized to engage in physical attacks and demonstrations against traditional conservative politicians and the Republican Party.  I urge you to learn about Far Left Watch at this link:

The “democratic socialism” that motivates “Antifa” activists is a carefully crafted ideology with roots in the practice of agitation and propaganda tactics advocated by Lenin.

This is a Marxist movement with links to the Mid-West Academy in Chicago where a young community organizer, Barack Obama, taught socialist activists how to engage in “community action.”  Representative “movements” inspired by this Marxist call for agitation and propaganda were “Occupy Wall Street,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Me-Too” and now “Antifa.”

Divisions in American politics are exacerbated by these “movements” and are designed to attract a response from equally unrestrained opponents. The “Alt Right” actions in Charlottesville occurred as the far left hoped they would. Unfortunately, this form of ideological corruption is deep, and many elected officials in Charlottesville, Virginia, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California and New York City are advocates of the democratic socialism that disrupts their cities.

What can you do? Here are four actions you can take to protect yourself from the increasing violent activism of the far left.

First and foremost, listen to this interview with the author of Radical in Chief, Stanley Kurtz, and read his history of Barack Obama and the Mid-West Academy.  That a former President of the United States is still an advocate of the radical activism of the Mid West Academy is a dangerous sign that democratic socialism of the far left is alive and well.

Second, if you live in cities that elect far left officials, vote against them.

Third, keep informed as this type of far left activism becomes more violent, and notify your Congressman and Senators about your concerns.

You can find the contact information for House members at and members of the Senate can be found at Don’t mail a letter, call their local and DC offices or FAX your concern. Mail is delivered to Congressional Offices only after it is checked for toxins such as ricin and explosive devices.

If you’re serious, get an inexpensive “e-Fax” account.

In most cases, Congressmen and Senators listen.

And, fourth, make frequent donations in small amounts–no more than $25–to politicians who respond to your concerns.

Believe me, they will notice.

We live in dangerous times.

War in the Middle East

October 14, 2018

Until the disappearance of a Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, presumably murdered in the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate by Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and the authoritarian reforms of a young prince in Saudi Arabia, were a sideshow to the boiling waters of politics in Iran and Syria.

With American media calling for reprisals against Saudi Arabia, however, the political interests of the United States and its Saudi ally conflict with American policy toward Iran, Syria and Turkey.  And, as President Trump observed, there is that little matter of $1.2 billion of purchases of American missiles, fighter jets and other munitions by Saudi Arabia.

Given the willingness of Islamic regimes to violate the sanctity of foreign embassies, we should expect Turkey to raid the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. When, not if, that occurs, a war between Turkey and Saudi Arabia may erupt, and the interests of the United States and Russia will be at odds.  Russia may take the side of Turkey (an ally of Russia in WW I) and the U.S. will come to the aid of the Saudis.

These events will reinforce our understanding that political reforms and revolutions in countries where Islam is the state religion are no longer a regional issue. That political turmoil has the potential of involving the U.S. and Russia in a shooting war that will reshape the role of Turkey in NATO, hasten the dissolution of the European Union, and encourage an attempted overthrow of the Islamic regime in Iran by pro-Western Iranians.

Trump and the End of American Democracy

October 12, 2018

Yesterday’s news coverage of the President’s meeting with Kanye West was painful to watch and brought home how clueless Donald Trump is about the duties of President of the United States. All this would be a source of comic relief, but Trump’s enemies are the enemies of America’s traditional political order.

Calls for giving serious consideration to Nikki Haley as a candidate for President are of a piece with the decline of American politics. That decline is visible in consideration of a woman appointee as representative to the United Nations on the basis of gender, not qualifications for service in a top foreign policy position. And they are of a piece with calls to repeal of the Electoral College, charges of sexual harassment that are accepted as true, on their face, and the rise of celebrities seeking political office.

Though President Trump is evidence of this decline, he is not its cause.

American politics has been in decline since “Progressives” forced acceptance of the 17th Amendment on threat of convening a Constitutional Convention that would re-write the Constitution of 1787.

The 17th Amendment provided for direct election of U.S. Senators and introduced “ideology” as a factor in election of the U.S. Senate. James Piereson’s important essay in the Weekly Standard tracked the influence of these “Progressives” who became socially dominant at the end of the 19th century.  They were critics of the classical liberalism of Adam Smith and rejected the Scottish “common sense” of the Scottish Enlightenment and British empiricism. Gone, Piereson writes, were David Hume, Adam Smith, Thomas Reid, Adam Ferguson, James Beattie, and Dugald Stewart.  In their place stepped Thorstein Veblen (economics), John Dewey (philosophy), Charles Beard (history) and Oliver Wendell Holmes (law). Piereson observes that “these thinkers were not only academics but more importantly graduates of the new university.”

All believed that the Constitution was “inadequate to the challenge of modern life.”

Throw away the philosophy of limited government fixed in the Constitution by the Framers, provide for direct election of U.S. Senators, abolish the electoral college and Progressive ideology will have achieved its aims. Unfortunately, that end will not be a beginning but the final moments of democracy in America.


Democratic Socialists and their Professors

October 9, 2018

Campus violence has occurred as “students” protest conservative speakers invited by conservative groups. As these activists are interviewed, it becomes clear that some are motivated by the ideology of “democratic socialism.”

That caused me to visit lecture notes that I prepared in courses I taught on the subject of Communist Ideology in the late 1970s and early 1980s. More than 35 years ago, a “Cold War” with the Soviet Union shaped U.S. foreign policy and the Soviet Union had engaged in acts of subversion as many American intellectuals joined the Communist Party.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, I was thankful that I would no longer have to study the theoretical works of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. And I put aside my notebooks on Communist Ideology.

Recent interviews with anti-Fascist activists, many dressed in black and their faces covered to protect their anonymity, indicate that some form of Communist ideology–called “Democratic Socialism”–is being taught to impressionable high school and college students.

Look for a high school or college teacher, if you see bad behavior by young people and Tucker Carlson has found one.

Michael Isaacson is, or was, an Adjunct Instructor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Tucker Carlson’s interview with this “professor” is very informative both in terms of what Isaacson espouses  and the weakness of arguments for free speech when faced with a  committed revolutionary.    We’ll hear more from the likes of Michael Isaacson and the students he corrupts with appeals to “democratic socialism,” but listen carefully to Carlson’s interview and the careful, ideological, distinctions that this Marxist-trained “professor” makes in defense of radical, violent, activism.