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Remember the Whiskey Rebellion?

December 5, 2016

Anthropologist, Dr. Stanley Kurtz, published Radical-in-Chief in 2010.  His study of the origins of Barack Obama’s socialist ideology is as good a study of a contemporary personality as any that has been published. I felt, based on Kurtz’ exposé of the Marxist origins of Obama’s thinking, that a second term for this Marxist radical was impossible.

But, Reince Priebus and the moderates within the GOP were able to nominate a Liberal, former governor of Massachusetts, with so many political deficiencies that Obama won a second term. That was a tragedy for the GOP, the American people and, ultimately a Democrat Party that has fallen to its lowest level of influence since the Administrations of Harding and Coolidge.

The tragic consequences of Romney’s defeat led to conquest of the Republican Party apparatus by a New Deal Democrat businessman with no government experience and lots of poorly thought-out ideas.

And the tragedy of the American people lies in their inability to understand the radical nature of the policies of Barack Obama and where they would lead the nation.

Yesterday, the Obama Administration stuck another knife in the national interest by directing the Army Corps of Engineers not to permit continuation of the Dakota Access Pipeline across Standing Rock Sioux tribal lands.

This is not the end of the saga. The Trump Administration will reverse the decision, the pipeline will be built and for decades attempts will be made to create devastating leaks.

I explore the role Barack Obama will play in fanning the flames of these protests in my essay titled “Lenin, Obama and Black Lives Matter.” President Obama can be expected to use his standing as a former President of the United States to attract many to engage in new rioting and he has the will.

Evidence of that may be seen in his support of Black Lives Matter and the curious fact that as he prepares to leave the White House, he is not giving attention to his Presidential Library that most ego-driven Presidents give to these ghastly memorials. Obama’s thoughts are focused on continuing the revolution he learned as a young college student.

Back in the 1960’s, anti-technological radicals would occasionally blow up microwave towers. In 1999 in Seattle, radicals destroyed the city in protest against a meeting of the World Trade Organization  Ordinary municipal executives, and even some members of Congress, have never studied the works of Lenin and are ignorant of the literature that inspires the actions of modern radicals. Some books have been written in response such as Nick Nichols’ Rules for Corporate Warriors  and Trashing the Economy by Arnold and Gottlieb, but few read them.

Here’s the bottom line: energy independence is in the national interest of the United States and a means to lessening dependence on Russian oil and gas of Western Europe. Fracking, new gas pipelines and renewed production of coal are ways to achieve that.

The response of President George Washington to the Whiskey Rebellion  should guide the new Trump Administration. Plan now to organize massive military force to threaten rioters blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline–or else.



LGCs Unite!

December 3, 2016


LGCs or Limited Government Conservatives made the mistake of not seeking the defeat of George W. Bush in 2004. By then he had already commenced a foreign policy based on imperial wars that destroyed the balance of power in the Middle East, increased government spending to levels exceeding those of his predecessors, included TSA employees within the Civil Service thus creating a federal bureaucracy and created a new Entitlement guaranteeing prescription medicine benefits.

The last time a respected Republican conservative gave a serious thought to making a Third Party race against a sitting Republican President was in 1972 when Cong. John Ashbrook announced his candidacy in opposition to President Richard Nixon.  His campaign theme, “No Left Turn,” should be adopted by LGCs and organize opposition to Big Government policies that the neophyte businessman turned President has endorsed.

Those policies include the imposition of Tariffs on companies that move manufacturing abroad, his tendency to consider or appoint General Officers to positions as heads of Departments where the principle of civilian control should prevail (NSC, Defense, State), significant personal conflicts of interest that will entangle his Administration in legal challenges to policies affecting areas of his family business (Trump University) and absence of thought on policies needed to free up capital that fuels entrepreneurs.

The cost of maintaining employees in the United States in manufacturing jobs is significantly greater by a factor of 4 than in low wage countries like Vietnam, Mexico and the PRC. Even low wage countries like South Korea could no longer compete with lower wage countries and began moving into more capital intensive industries.

Heavy investment in automation is required if manufacturing remains in-country where labor costs are high requires. There are factories in Europe making automotive parts with fewer than four employees.

The first policy of a new coalition of LGCs, therefore, should oppose Trump’s “protectionism.”  Protectionism places a damper on economic innovation and “protects” employment from reality. Ford Motor cannot make small cars in Detroit and market them at competitive prices in the United States. That applies to most labor intensive manufacturing .

A second policy is civilian control. Though all the General Officers that Trump has chosen or will chose are excellent in character and knowledge, none should occupy a position as head of a Government Department or White House council. None should be appointed National Security Advisor, Secretary of Defense or head of NSA or CIA. Appointees bring to service experience and knowledge gained in their professional careers. Military professionals are protective of their Services–Army, Navy, Air Force–and are acclimated to command and control. When an assassination attack hospitalized President Reagan the first thoughts that came to Secretary of State Al Haig were “I am in control.”  Someday, perhaps, twenty-five or fifty years from now, General Officers appointed to NSC, Defense and State will actually take control. We must fix a firm line between former military service and civilian agencies.

“Saving” Social Security and Medicaid is a third LGC policy. Social Security and Medicaid will run out of money sometime in the next ten years, yet President Elect Trump has vowed not to touch either program. At the very least, Social Security should be modified to allow citizens under forty to put a substantial percentage of their personal Social Security payments into personal savings accounts.

Prescription medicine benefits should be severely restricted and Medicare benefits examined closely to eliminate fraud and abuse.

A fourth interest of LGCs should be to repeal or severely limit the Patriot Act.  Enacted immediately after the attack on 9/11, the Patriot Act enabled President George W. Bush to engage in surveillance of personal communications (telephone and e-mail) of American citizens. A vast assembly of information and data of all Americans has been archived and may be scoured for information against political enemies. Temptation to use that information is high and efforts should be made to limit and restrict access to the accumulation of personal information and data.

A fifth LGC policy should oppose imperial wars. Though Donald Trump and Sen. Rand Paul were the only candidates for the GOP nomination to criticize imperial wars, President Elect Trump has waxed enthusiastic about using military force to destroy ISIS. In the short term, that has merits, but one war can lead to another and the anti-war President becomes a wartime President. Caution must govern all deliberations governing the use of military force. With former General Officers at NSC and Defense, it is unlikely that caution will prevail.

A sixth LGC policy should move swiftly to repeal the segregation of American citizens into two classes: accredited and unaccredited. The Securities and Exchange Act of 1935 was a New Deal program to protect American citizens from corrupt practices affecting investments in securities. That Act required the registration of securities and restricted the purchase of non-registered securities to “accredited” investors.  As a consequence, local small businesses, new startups, may not sell their equity to persons whose net assets are less than one million dollars.

Fortunately, the JOBS Act of 2012 contained a provision permitting “Crowdfunding,” the marketing of non-SEC registered securities to non-accredited investors. Unfortunately, the financial industry got control of the implementation process and the SEC has destroyed that provision of the JOBS Act. LGCs should move immediately to call for the removal of the segregation of American citizens into two economic classes.

Limited Government Conservatives–Unite!

Cabinet Picking

December 2, 2016

Choosing, nominating and confirming a Cabinet of a new President of the United States reveals their strengths, weaknesses and ideas.

Here’s a link to the Cabinet  of President Dwight Eisenhower.

Chief of Staff:                          Sherman Adams

National Security Advisor:  Robert Cutler

CIA                                              Allen Dulles

Secretary of State:               John Foster Dulles

Secretary of Treasury:         George Humphrey

Secretary of Defense:          Charles Wilson

Attorney General:                 Herbert Brownell

Postmaster General:            Arthur Summerfelt

Secretary of Interior:            Charles McKay

Secretary of Agriculture:     Ezra Taft Benson

Secretary of Commerce:     Sinclair Weeks

HEW:                                      Oveta Culp Hobby

Labor:                                     Martin Durkin

Here’s a link to the Cabinet of President Richard Nixon.

Chief of Staff:                          H. R. Haldeman

National Security Advisor:  Henry Kissinger

CIA                                              Richard Helms

Secretary of State                William Rogers

Secretary of Treasury          David Kennedy

Secretary of Defense           Melvin Laird

Attorney General                  John Mitchell

Postmaster General             William Blount

Secretary of Interior             Walter Hickel

Secretary of Agriculture      Clifford Hardin

Secretary of Commerce       Maurice Stans

Secretary of Labor                George Shultz

HEW                                          Robert Finch

HUD                                          George Romney

Transportation                      John Volpe

Thus far, here are the names of President-Elect Trump’s Cabinet

Chief of Staff                                    Reince Priebus

National Security Advisor           Gen. Michael Flynn

CIA:                                                    Cong. Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State:               ?

Secretary of Treasury:         Steven Mnuchin

Secretary of Defense:          Gen. James Mattes

Attorney General:                Sen. Jeff Sessions

Secretary of Commerce:     Wilbur Ross

HHS                                           Dr. Tom Price

What do these comparisons tell us?

Tomorrow: FoxNews Radio KCOL AM 600

November 30, 2016

Former Cong. Bob Schaffer has invited me to be on the Jimmy Lakey morning show on FoxNews Radio KCOL AM 600 on Thursday, tomorrow, at 7:00 am MST.

The program may be accessed online at FoxNews Radio KCOL AM 600

Our topic is American higher education.

If you would like to ask questions, here is the number to call: 1-866-888-5449

Or send a message via


Bye-bye, Reince Priebus

November 30, 2016

Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, violated a code of politics: once your Party nominates a candidate, keep your mouth shut.

And, if you were your Party’s former nominee for President, give public support to your Party’s nominee.

Mitt Romney violated those codes and now Reince Priebus is trying to patch up differences between Romney and President-Elect Trump.

No wonder Kellyanne Conway, Mike Huckabe and Newt Gringrich have spoken out against the selection of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State.

A few days ago I commented  that Reince Priebus is out of touch, but yesterday’s dinner with Romney, Priebus and the President-Elect was a disaster.

The menu featured “frogs legs.”

Are you kidding?  If Priebus had good sense  he would have asked Donald Trump to take them to Restaurant 21 where Trump likes the hamburgers.

Mark my words: Priebus will be gone within a year!



Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

November 30, 2016

The litany sung by the GOP from the Nixon Administration to Donald Trump has been jobs, jobs, jobs.  Unfortunately, by “jobs” the GOP means corporate jobs.

The complaint that the GOP is the Party of the wealthy is half-true. Corporations have an undue influence in Party circles even as the Party base is made up of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and working class conservatives of all races.

The notion that the American economy can be revived by tariffs placed on businesses that move “jobs” to foreign countries is nonsense. Protectionist economic policies simply preserve the status quo.

Economic growth comes from the actions of entrepreneurs who create markets by taking risks, starting new enterprises, and creating employment opportunity.

The banking crisis of 2008 destroyed risk capital that our entrepreneurs depend upon and, for the past eight years,  it has been impossible to find capital for new business enterprises. Many existing companies that thought they could survive eight years of slow economic growth were wrong and were forced to close. Others are still around but are not in good condition.

There is nothing in the President Elect’s policy to “Make America Great Again” that creates economic opportunity for our entrepreneurial classes. Not one mention has been made of “Crowdfunding” and freeing up the ability to invest in start-ups by non-accredited investors.

I will bet $100 that Donald Trump, Wilbur Ross and Steven Mnuchin never understood that the American people, since 1935, are segregated between “accredited” and “unaccredited” investors and the American economy was forced into a mold regulated by government agencies that give lip service to protection of “widows and orphans.”

That explains, as I  have observed on numerous occasions, why the Initial Public Offering of Krispy Kreme was successful.  People could relate to a company whose products they ate on a regular basis and bought Krispy Kreme stock.

Remove the barrier that prohibits the ordinary Joe from investing in a local company and you free up capital that businesses and new enterprises can tap to grow wealth. Here is my analysis of this situation that was published last year about this time when the SEC announced important rules changes.

Gen. Petraeus is the One

November 29, 2016

The name of David Petraeus has surfaced as a potential Secretary of State in the Trump Administration. Not many consider him a viable candidate in light of his guilty plea to a misdemeanor for breaching regulations governing classified information.

He was forced to resign from his position as Director of the Central Intelligence Administration.

Except for that issue, Petraeus would make an excellent Secretary of State.

He graduated from West Point in the top 5% of his class and served honorably in the U.S. Army for thirty-seven years rising to the rank of four-star General. His service in Iraq was commendable. He subsequently earned an M.P.A. in 1985 and a Ph.D. degree in international relations in 1987 from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton.

In any other Administration than a Trump Administration Petraeus wouldn’t be considered for appointment to any position. But, in a Trump Administration Petraeus brings some political advantages.

President-Elect Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified documents and promised to prosecute her. If he nominates General Petraeus to serve as Secretary of State, President-Elect Trump can negotiate with Democrats by offering to forget Hillary’s problems in exchange for forgetting that General Petraeus violated the same regulations. Trump gets his choice of Secretary of State and can avoid active involvement in the prosecution of Hillary Clinton.