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Injuring MSNBC

June 14, 2018

Forgive me, but I am a regular viewer of cable news network, MSNBC. I probably began watching Morning Joe more than ten years ago. That program featured Joe Scarborough.  Back then “Joe” was interesting–that was before he became affianced to Mika Brzezinski  and declared that he was no longer a Republican. Gradually, it seems, Joe Scarborough’s performance became mawkish and mated with the strident left-wing attitude expressed by Mika.  Ten years later MSNBC is so much more extreme that I am beginning to wonder what Donald Trump can devise to injure Comcast, the corporation that owns MSNBC, and its owner, Brian L. Roberts.

Like Rupert Murdoch, Brian Roberts’ enormous footprint on American media raises questions about the propriety of control of American communications by powerful owners. Facebook now faces the likelihood of becoming a regulated utility and only the First Amendment’s protections give refuge to Brian Roberts from government regulation.

But, that can change as it becomes clear that a powerful “New Class” of journalists, university professors and attorneys are taking control of media communications and politics. It is becoming very difficult to run for political office in opposition to this “New Class” because uniformity of Leftist views of journalists gives control of media coverage of aspiring conservative politicians. That, in part, explains the election of Donald Trump.

New Class power is born in Departments of Communication (remember Melissa Click at the University of Missouri) and throughout American higher education that trains our young in Anti-American values. Enterprises like MSNBC, Time Warner, CNN are monoliths of the Left. If that is to change we must re-examine libel and slander laws that protect the freedom of the press to pursue Leftist political ends.

Lucky Donald

June 12, 2018

Charles Lindburgh was called “Lucky Lindy” because only luck explained his solo flight across the Atlantic. My guess is that President Donald Trump will be called “Lucky Donald.”

His gamble that he could extract concessions from the totalitarian ruler of North Korea actually worked. He had to meet personally with Kim Jong-un, be photographed with the American flag arrayed alongside the North Korean flag, but North Korea needs Western investment capital or it will never overcome the consequences of Marxist and Maoist ideology.

That successful gamble takes the heat off President Trump and raises doubts in the minds of those who propose Impeachment. Are they willing to indict a President who saved the world from war in North Asia?

Even CNN had good things to say about Trump’s accomplishment and Joe Scarborough at MSNBC read the political cards correctly: Trump’s popularity has never been greater.

Still, there are dark clouds on the horizon. The President is not guided by a national security strategy and has demonstrated weakness in dealing with Putin’s Russia and doesn’t understand the strategic objectives of the People’s Republic of China. Add to that the business ties of the Trump organization and his daughter and husband that complicate their White House duties and the Trump Presidency is a walking field of conflicts of interest.

But, Lucky Donald may have saved his majority in the House from defeat in 2019, so no Impeachment resolution will pass during President Trump’s first term. Unfortunately, Putin wants Ukraine and will intimidate Poland and former “Captive Nations” of the Soviet Union. Let’s hope that Lucky Donald’s luck with Putin is as good as his luck with Kim Jong-un.

Meeting Kim

June 11, 2018

As a young boy, Kim Jong-un attended a Swiss high school for one year. Switzerland has long offered preparatory school education for children of heads of state and the very wealthy.  Le Rosey is best known for catering to pro-Western autocrats, but others like Liebefeld Steinhölzli favor Marxists and Left-wing totalitarians.

Kim’s stay in Switzerland was brief, but he learned about the West and came to love basketball. He lived with his Aunt and Uncle who are now living in the United States, in fear for their lives.

Kim Jong-un despite his current peace offensive is committed to staying in power and is willing to dispose of those with other ideas–his uncle and half brother–are evidence of that commitment.

What will come of a meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim is anyone’s guess. We know, of course, that Kim has no intention of destroying his nukes. And President Trump has achieved already what he wanted, a media “Op” that will distract the public from a soon-to-occur meeting with Robert Mueller’s team of investigators.

Where will all this end?

Re-election of President Trump in 2020 is still a possibility. But, we won’t know for certain until indictments of Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner are handed down and the President issues pardons.


Anthony Bourdain, RIP

June 8, 2018

We are what we eat. As Americans we eat foods that are difficult to find in  other countries. Popcorn, for example.  Good “hamburgers” are another. And because many Americans come from West and East European countries, we eat lots of pork, meals with a tomato base, spaghetti and Pierogi and meals with cabbage such as Halushki. My mother’s side of the family was German so I have eaten great, stuffed pork chops and my Armenian heritage taught me a love for rice pilaf, Lamajoun, Shish kabob, and yoghurt. In fact, I made a batch of yogurt from scratch last week!

I have subscribed to Saveur and Bon Apetit and last year I went through years of back issues and pulled recipes that I thought were interesting. I watched Julia Child when she first made her television appearance and I have her cookbook and love the way she butchers a whole turkey for roasting.

And, of course, I watched Anthony Bourdain’s program on CNN, have a couple of his books and have eaten at the restaurant in New York where he was a line chef. Recently I noticed, however, that Bourdain would drag in his Left-wing bias into his shows and I really disliked his program on my hometown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and blogged about it. I recently re-subscribed to Saveur and saw that this stalwart food magazine had changed–for the worse.  What once was a great place to find recipes you wanted to make for yourself is now a “global guide” to things I will never eat.

Globalism is killing my interest in food. And, apparently, that globalism killed Anthony Bourdain by suicide this morning in Kayserberg, France.

RIP Anthony.

The Empire Strikes Back

June 4, 2018

Former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, and James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence, are on the road, engaged in the equivalent of episode five of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back. Both Brennan and Clapper are on call to argue that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is illegitimate.

In order to understand how the deep state deals with external threats to its power we can think of the destruction of Wisconsin Senator, Joseph McCarthy, Ross Perot, who ran for President of the United States against G. H. W. Bush in 1992, and now the campaign to Impeach President Trump.

When ordinary Americans think about an invasion of the United States we think of John Milius’ Red Dawn. Only Milius’ success (Dirty Harry; Apocalypse Now) protects Milius from the Leftists who dominate Hollywood.

Founder of PJMedia, Roger Simon, a former 60s radical, became a political conservative. He discusses why he experienced that “conversion” and how powerful the Left in Hollywood is in this C-SPAN interview. A recent discussion with Bruce Hershenson, Sam Sorbo and Joel Pollack also reveals how deeply embedded is the deep state in Hollywood.

Both Brennan and Clapper are impaired advocates for the deep state. Brennan admitted that when he  interviewed for employment with the CIA in 1976 he fussed up and told the Agency that he voted for Gus Hall, Communist Party candidate for President of the United States.  Clapper lied to Congress about how the deep state was archiving all telecommunications of American citizens.


Nap Time

June 3, 2018

John Boehner’s comment rings true. The old GOP is off taking a nap–somewhere. Naps are good, if you wake up, but the GOP is dead asleep.

The Administration of Donald Trump bares no likeness to the GOP of Ronald Reagan, but RR had his time nearly forty years ago.  The Internationalists in the tradition of Nelson Rockefeller—G.H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney–destroyed the Republican “brand” and opened the door to a hostile takeover by Donald Trump.

The GOP cannot reawaken from that nap without new leadership and there is none. We should ask “Why?”

Why are all those gals running for office doing well, getting rave reviews from media, but we hear next to nothing about the 35 year old conservative college teacher, the 40 year old corporate exec, or the 31 year old mechanic who built the best auto repair business within 250 miles?

Why is that?

Because, if these men object to reverse-racism of print and cable media, affirmative discrimination, the Marxist motivations of Barack Obama, or the need to defend the 2nd Amendment and the need to rein in welfare spending, they will be clobbered.

Local “journalists” will see an opportunity to win a Pulitzer by revealing their racism. The corporate exec’s boss–or the boss’s wife–will let him know that his job is at risk. The college teacher, even if tenured, will be brought up on charges of “hate speech,” and his home will be vandalized by local anti-gun crazies. The mechanic’s repair business will suffer.

Is there a solution? Reexamination of libel and slander laws will help. Developing fundraising skills will help, too. But, long term, every college and university is “educating” students to hate the GOP. We need a PAC to champion the rights of education consumers, educate GOP Governors to take higher education seriously by appointing conservatives to the education authorities of the states.

Trump’s Successor

May 29, 2018

In 2016, GOP regulars could not secure the GOP nomination for one of their own. The GOP nomination for President was won by a non-politician who, alone but for the company of Rand Paul, rejected the policies of George W. Bush.

All, but Trump and Paul, drank the “W” Kool Aid and could not bring themselves to oppose “W’s” imperial foreign and military policies.

The GOP is in terrible shape nationally, but there are systemic reasons for that decline.

First, Few private sector occupations prepare Americans for elective office. Business experience is too remote from skills of political office and few businessmen can make a successful political career.

Second, You can’t grow, if none wants to enter the lists; and who can blame him. Subject yourself to a run for Congress or Governor and, if you are conservative, you place your reputation in the hands of “journalists” who despise your political principles.

Third, Running for office takes money. Candidates for the U.S. Senate will spend $10.6 million on their campaigns, which doesn’t include PAC expenditures.

Fourth, You must be motivated.

I’ve identified the leadership of the House Freedom Caucus and the twenty members of the House who have requested that a second Special Counsel be appointed to investigate the Department of Justice and the FBI as possible future candidates for the GOP nomination for President–if they can be elected to the U.S. Senate.

The U.S. Senate is bereft of conservatives. The reason for that was a decision taken at the beginning of the last century to amend the Constitution (the 17th) to elect U.S. Senators directly. That assured that candidates would run on “issues,” not “interests” of their states. In an era where ideologies dominate, Senate Candidates vie with one another to be representatives of ideologies.

If not the House, what of the Governors of the States? Presidents of the United States elected from the ranks of former Governors are: Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush.

Here’s a list of current Governors of the States. Which one is a possible successor to Donald Trump?