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Pre-Revolutionary America

September 29, 2016

Do you find it interesting that President Obama is not focused on his Presidential library?  Our Marxist-trained community organizer– sensitive to revolutionary moments– seems intent on wielding power after his term ends through organizations he creates and commits to agitation and propaganda.

Visit this essay, Lenin, Obama and Black Lives Matter, to comprehend that this is not a theory.

The Presidential election of 2016 revealed that  the Republican Party had lost support and was easily taken over by an outsider who is incapable of restoring the GOP as a social force. On the Democrat side, an old face stained by years of political combat, exhibits no ideas that attract younger voters. After Hillary’s first term, the Democrat Party will be a mere shell of its former greatness.

We are in a pre-revolutionary situation—not unlike that of Czarist Russia shortly before WW I—and we’re seeing a dissolution of legal coercion (the state) and transfer of hard and soft coercion to other centers of power–media, organizations committed to agitation (Black Lives Matter), institutional social forces—schools—and politicized churches—the Vatican.

If, after the Czar came Lenin, after Hillary, expect someone much worse than her predecessor.

Elon Musk’s Arrogance

September 28, 2016

Walter A. McDougall’s history of the Space Age examined the will to control nature that underlies space exploration much as did the Renaissance Hermeticists. In sum, there is a very strong arrogance that permeates culture in the West with roots deep into the Protestant Reformation, emigration of Puritans to America, and the influence of scientific discovery.

Most of us who have interesting toys do not store them in closets. Elon Musk is an example. Musk is planning to launch a mission to Mars and by 2022 send men to Mars.

His “space company” is designed to try to advance rocket technology to enable humanity to become a space-based civilization.

Musk thinks big and is concerned about the future of mankind. Yet that future cannot be experienced except through concepts common in our time. Those concepts include issues of sustainable energy, global warming, population growth and technological progress. Listening to Musk in a YouTube interview reveals a modern, scientific man unhindered by theology, philosophy or a sense of human limits. Unfortunately, Musk was preceded by thinkers similarly motivated to control nature. The Renaissance Hermeticists developed a view of magic as a means to predict the future and control nature. You can read about them in Frances Yates’ study of Giordano Bruno.

The history of Renaissance magic is part of a long tradition of attempts to free us from our humanity in the realization that we are gods. You can read about that temptation in my essay titled “Modern Political Religions.”


Pittsburgh Mourns

September 26, 2016

Some of us were fortunate to grow up when some cities were communities. Pittsburgh was one of those cities and Arnold Palmer made us proud.

When Arnie began to win tournaments–sometime around 1954 or 55–people in Pittsburgh who had never been on a golf course discovered the game. It didn’t matter that they didn’t know how many holes made up a game of golf, Arnie was one of ours.

Hailing from LaTrobe, we were proud that Arnie’s fame was rubbing off on us. Some of us would drive out to LaTrobe to see where Arnie played golf and on the way stop at Eat-n-Park, one of the first fast food restaurants of that era.

In contests with Jack Niklaus, even novices could see the difference. Arnie was all flair, charging ahead, and Niklaus was steady, master of every stroke. It didn’t matter if Jack Niklaus won, Arnie was from the Burgh and we loved him.

I’m not sure if Pittsburgh today is still that type of community. The old Forbes Field is gone, Duquesne Gardens is gone as well as the Pittsburgh Hornets. The Steelers are big, and “overseas Pittsburghers” will gather in bars across the United States on Sundays to meet other Pittsburghers and show off their Steelers jerseys. They are happy on those days, but sad that they aren’t back home in Pittsburgh.

Rest in Peace, Arnold Palmer.

Unreliable CIA

September 24, 2016

University students during the era of the Cold War were subjected to the many ideologies that roiled civil society in the 1960s and 1970s. The dominant ideology–Liberalism–assumed that traditional concepts of limited government and religious values were “overdone” and we should be open to new ideas, government policies and non-traditional lifestyles. I published an account  of that experience which shaped my political philosophy and subsequent career.

I was seeking understanding of why my professors were so wrong about present and future America and after graduating I went to the University of Notre Dame where a significant percentage of my professors had emigrated to the United States to escape persecution in Nazi Germany and in, one case, communist Hungary.

I learned from their experience to reject Nazi and communist ideology and I, with many of my colleagues, took a two semester course in which we studied a great many of the writings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

Two of my colleagues became specialists in intelligence and one was hired as a researcher at the CIA. There he found that his colleagues were uninformed about communist ideology and he quickly moved to another agency. His disbelief that CIA analysts were so mistaken about the ideological motives of the Soviet Union left him shaken to his core. My other colleague published a series of books analyzing American intelligence practices and in one he argued that ” intelligence failures in the past pale in comparison with the deep malaise affecting the entire service today.”

While in the Reagan Administration and later when working in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I learned that if I wanted an informed interpretation of events, I should avoid U.S. Embassy personnel and the CIA.

Three days ago, I came across a report that the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, has revealed that he was admitted to service as a young CIA research analyst even though he admitted that he had voted for Gus Hall, the Communist Party candidate for President, in 1976.

That was about the time that my colleague was so upset by the views of his CIA colleagues that he had to transfer to another agency because he simply did not fit in with other CIA officers who did not have a similar understanding of Marxism-Leninism.

Charlotte is the Victim

September 22, 2016

It was painful to watch this morning’s press conference of the Mayor of Charlotte. Rioting with loss of life and property occurred yesterday evening in Charlotte in response to a shooting by police of a black citizen. Though the person shot is seen as the victim, in reality, Charlotte is the victim of an organized effort to make race the focus of a post-Obama Administration’s community organizing.

Black Lives Matter is an organization built on a Leninist model of agitation and propaganda designed to bring about revolution. I demonstrate the validity of that assertion in this essay titled  Lenin, Obama and Black Lives Matter.

As Stanley Kurtz has shown in Radical-in-Chief Barack Obama was an instructor at the Midwest Academy in Chicago and specialized in teaching tactics well developed by Lenin and adapted to America by Saul Alinsky. Though Barack Obama has matured as a politician responsible for the United States, the demon of Marxism has always been present in his actions. His sponsorship of Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter are indications that, in the next decades, a young former President will do much to roil America with made-up dissonance.

We know that President Obama and Mrs. Obama felt rejection by  a white society which continues in their eyes to be racist. That is not a view shared by all African Americans. But 99%  were not “red diaper” babies. The immediate circle of President Obama, however, includea four, according to an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily for December 11, 2015:  Jeh Johnson, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and President Obama.

That the media did not research the influence of Marxism-Leninism in the President’s immediate circle leaves cities like Charlotte open to protests organized–not to redress wrongs–but to assure that civil society is in permanent revolution.

Revolution in permanence is President Obama’s gift to his country, a gift that is never-ending in rejection of the search for solutions and a commitment to revolution as a way of life.

Why Trump?

September 18, 2016

In The Conservative Rebellion  I argue that,  with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the “anticommunist” glue that held together all factions of the Republican Party was gone. The incumbent President, George H. W. Bush, could not articulate a new vision and was defeated by William Clinton.

There was also a generational aspect to the Bush defeat. He was the last President to have served in World War II.

John McCain and Mitt Romney also were unable to articulate a vision that was effective and both lost.

Now we have a candidate who has a very distinct vision that has attracted former Democrats, and many traditional Republicans, to his candidacy but, not the Internationalist “war faction” of the GOP led by George W. Bush and the remaining neoconservative Cold Warriors.

The Donald now faces a contest with Hillary Clinton who follows Barack Obama in the Presidents Leftward move of the Democrat Party. Burdened by a reputation for secrecy and dishonesty, Mrs. Clinton at age 70 is beginning to show signs of serious illness.

Her recent stumble as she left the 9/11 commemoration in New York City has sown fear among Democrats that Hillary “may not make it.”

That has given The Donald the break he needs to overcome his many serious missteps largely caused by his inability to keep his mouth–or his mouse—shut. The number of stupid statements he has made raise serious doubts about his suitability for this high office. Coupled with unwillingness to study public policy–on principle–even some supporters wonder if we can benefit from election of a loose cannon.

That is why, even at this late date in the 2016 election campaign, serious observers ask, “Why Trump?”

Here are five reasons not to vote for Trump:

1) Trump will make so many errors that he will destroy the recovery of the GOP.

2) Trump has few traditional GOP policies.

3) Trump is not committed to limited government and has proposed creating another Entitlement for mothers.

4) Trump has not thought through how to stop illegal immigration and has proposed building a wall, as if that can stop the flow of illegal’s and drugs across our southern border with Mexico.

5) If Hillary is elected she will make critical mistakes that in time a new coalition within the GOP will address. Hillary will help the GOP to recover.

Here are five reasons to vote for Trump:

1) Hillary Clinton will do nothing to secure our borders.

2) Hillary Clinton is ideologically incapable of dealing with Islamic terrorism.

3) Hillary Clinton’s economic policies will be a reprise of the failed economic policies of Barack Obama.

4) Hillary will do nothing to create conditions favorable for entrepreneurship.

5) If Hillary is incapacitated or dies in office, Tim Kaine (D-VA), a socialist committed to the ideology of Social Justice, will become President.


After the Election

September 15, 2016

On October 1, 1891, Stanford University commenced offering courses. The University was named Stanford to commemorate the son of Leland and Jane Stanford who died in 1884 at age 15 of Typhoid fever.

That act by one wealthy family served a need in the state of California for an institution of higher education. One hundred and twenty-five years later, there is an even greater need for wealthy Americans to establish new colleges and universities.

Many elect to donate enormous sums in excess of $100 million to existing institutions. In an age of domination of higher education by the Left, those donations assure that   sources of wealth and enterprise that make these donations possible will never survive the demand for top down government programs that stimulate the American economy.

American politicians have created a sure-fire method of gaining and keeping power by spending wealth as opposed to creating conditions that create wealth.

This subject came to mind as I finished the manuscript of a book that accounts for my attempt to found a solely Internet-based university dedicated to the philosophy of limited government of the Founding Fathers, the study of American government and history and the system of free enterprise that made the United States an economic powerhouse.

I chose the Internet as the medium for disseminating degree programs because new technologies make it possible to create institutions equivalent to the colleges and universities of our day at a fraction of the cost. Without physical campuses, the only resources required are technical and intellectual and a small amount of investment capital.

This thought came to mind because of a report in the Washington Post for September 14 titled “The Rise of GOP mega-donor Rebekah Mercer,” daughter of Robert Mercer, founder of a hedge fund.

The Mercers are donating vast sums to conservative organizations, political campaigns and the advocacy of single issues. The Mercers are “the real thing,” committed conservatives who carefully invest in people, programs and campaigns in which they believe. What they are not doing is following the example of Leland and Jane Stanford.

After the election of 2016, it may be a good time to evaluate why so many politicians, intellectuals, media professionals and scholars have become political ideologues.

Since the Great Depression, Progressives gained a firm and protected place in American higher education which they used to replace classical liberalism of laissez-faire economics and individual liberty with ideas rooted in European socialism. They were supported by Pope Pius XI who grafted the ideology of Social Justice onto the teachings of the Catholic Church and FDR’s New Deal that transformed the American regime from one of limited powers governed by principles of Federalism into a regime of federal government domination.

From the Wall Street crash of 1929 to the end of World War II in 1945 through the civil disturbances of the era of the Vietnam war, the American system of higher education has been transformed into an advocate for growth of government programs and Leftist ideology.

By mid-Twentieth Century, the Core Curriculum of required courses that was inherited from some distant past had become an artifact that most administrators continued from habit, but with no thought to content. When challenged by student demonstrators during the civil disturbance of the late 1960s and early 1970s, university administrators capitulated. The now dominant “cafeteria style” curricula has failed to educate citizens in their civic responsibilities. The humorous interviews of Jesse Watters in his “Watters World” program at O’Reilly on Fox are indications that we now have a growing population of Americans who know nothing of American history, government or economics.

Hillary Clinton, age 70, is one example of the type of politicians created by a system of education so dedicated.

Something was lost that we must hope will be regained. However, before that recovery occurs we must build new colleges, install scholars who are not party to the ideological excesses of the era of the Left University, and commence the long, hard work, of educating generations of young adults for responsible citizenship.

That can be done, if persons like the Mercers and ten others take a longer term view and build ten new institutions like those that Leland and Jane Stanford founded.